Thursday, December 23, 2010

more holly pics.

...I had to smile at a comment left in flickr on monday's december journal page about how much holly is showing up in this year's journal. because I'd just uploaded tuesday's page.

yep, more holly photos! I know they're much cuter and probably appeal more broadly than the in-process shots of my holiday knitting. which I am really (really!!!!) hoping to finish today. and I'll admit I spent a few minutes yesterday happily thinking about what I might cast on next.


  1. she's just too cute, am sure santa will bring some cool goodies for her stocking.

  2. I'm glad she has adjusted so well!

  3. i just love that little face!! and i keep forgetting to mention that i really like your winter banner.

  4. ditto for me on all of the above comments. more holly any day is a real treat.


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