Saturday, February 19, 2011

a quick hello.

...from LA where we're having a great time! taking plenty of photos*

gotta love the holly (wood) sign.

seeing the sights - from the griffith observatory - a fun walk and fabulous views

with cocktails.

and pretty coffees.

and back to back to back episodes of true blood when it's raining.

*but photoshop on my computer isn't behaving very these are the only ones I have to share so far. hoping maybe a good charge on the battery helps and I'll try again later today.


  1. omg. i am so jealous!!
    it looks like you guys are having a blast! i love the [holly]wood picture. you guys are too adorable.

  2. love the holly-wood sign. cocktails and pretty coffee, can't go wrong with that!

  3. Great photos! I, too, love that Holly(wood) photo!

  4. what fun! love the pics! enjoy your visit :)

  5. A quick HELLO, back!

    Holly-wood. Very funny!! Enjoy!


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