Saturday, February 5, 2011

making me smile.

...despite the cold, wet cold...
♥ holly's new raincoat keeps her a little bit drier.
♥ the forecast for today shows clearing and warmer temperatures.
♥ it's saturday. and I have plans to knit. and cook dinner. and enjoy some time with marc.
♥ and take another walk in the park.


  1. Cute raincoat!

    It did feel a little warmer when I took the dog out this morning.

  2. That's so funny! At first, I couldn't make out the photo but that's because she has a little hood!! Thanks for the laugh. Absolutely adorable.

  3. that's one posh pooch-am going to enjoy some of the same things.

  4. omg, that coat is precious. stay warm (or not, haha)!

  5. Very cute coat! I've considered one of those for my rainphobic dog...but I'd have to get galoshes, too. He doesn't like getting even his feet wet! LOL!

  6. love Holly's bright yellow rain coat; it pretty much covers her which I'm sure she likes since rain is anathema.


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