Monday, July 11, 2011


rose of sharon in our front yard
listening: the latest never not knitting podcast - alana interviews ysolda teague about her new book little red in the city. love!

eating: almonds

drinking: a third cup of's been a long morning already!

wearing: running shorts and a top (we just got back from the park and yes, I carried holly for a lot of it!)

feeling: inspired about photoshop and kim klassen's essentials workshop - I finished day two's lesson this morning and can't believe there are eight more days worth of material to cover!

weather: 81 degrees at 9:47 am with a forecasted high of 94 and a slight chance of thunderstorms. fingers crossed. we need the rain!

wanting: to get back in a groove with my photography - seriously considering another photo-a-day project, or maybe camera phonography?

needing: another training walk (yikes, we've only got nine more weeks to get ready!)

looking forward: lunch at bistro vg with sara on wednesday...and hopefully a good two-of-us photo

wondering: which of those little red patterns I'll knit first. love them all. it's very hard to choose!


  1. love the hooded jacket, these patterns are great. i need some photography inspiration, or maybe i'm just wanting a new camera?! i'm not really ready for monday, can we put it off a bit?

  2. All good things right now, I'd say.

  3. I like the photo, hate this heat,
    LOVE the thought of our Wednesday lunch!

  4. mmmm...i love bistro vg!!!! i'm ready for a little break from the heat, too!

  5. I did the 3-day walk in NY 3 years in a row. It was a powerful, amazing experience. Those training walks do help!!


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