Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ten ways to feel like a kid again.

my brother, me, my sister - thanksgiving day, 1973
...carole's back with another fun topic!

1. bundle up, settle your seat on a flying saucer and sail down a snow covered hill (the one featured in the photo above was on a mountain - casper mountain, just south of casper, wyoming where we lived in the early 1970's).

2. swing.

3. sing silly songs.

4. play hide and seek.

5. eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (one thing I definitely don't miss about being a kid...I no longer like these sandwiches at all!)

6. scribble (I recently had a great time doing this).

7. go for a bike ride...especially on a bike without gears or hand-brakes where you can pedal along at a leisurely pace...no helmet required.

8. play dress-up.

9. lie down on the grass and watch the clouds float by.

10. stay up way past your bedtime and sleep til noon the next day (honestly, I don't think I did this even as a kid...but it feels young, doesn't it?!)
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  1. great list-love the photo and the coats! i think picking wildflowers and finding "treasures" (birds nest, cool rock, etc) while out walking does it for me.

  2. Excellent ideas! I'm not much of a late night/sleep late person but Dale is so he'll appreciate that one.

  3. Great list... this was a fun topic!

  4. great list, and LOVE the picture!

  5. I loved my snow saucer! So much fun. Great list.

  6. I love every single one of your ideas! My granddaughter is coming for a visit, I'll definitely have to throw a few of them into our week together, especially the clouds.

  7. I almost put the clouds down too! I spent the summer of '73 or '74 in Casper, WY...great memories! And after you sleep late you stay in bed all afternoon and read a book! :-)

  8. ...and i heart PBJ sandwiches...great and fun list!


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