Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Watercolor Wednesday | White and Gold.

Daddy with the laprobe, standing in front of his "Georgia Tech" shelves; it's quite a White and Gold collection!
... my dad's favorite color combination! and therefore the perfect ones to choose for this special laprobe. My sister-in-law Lydia cast-on and knit the first six inches or so. Then she handed it off to me. Next Sara had a turn, and my niece Jillian, my sister Karen and then it came back to me. I added a little more and Katie finished it. It takes a project like this - big stockinette stitches (we held Berroco Vintage double) on size 11 needles - to work across so many knitters. Different gauges, different skill was all fine once I gave it wash and laid it flat to dry.

He says he can feel the warmth and love knit into each stitch. Knitting is wonderful that way, isn't it?! 


  1. What a lovely and heartfelt labor of love from your family of knitters!

  2. All the knitters in your family creating one gift of love is a wonderful way to give of yourselves. The laprobe must be very precious to your father.

  3. I want a phone so I can get this app!!

    love the picture of your Dad!! in his golden watercolour glory with his beautiful wrap of love!

    Linda in VA

  4. Knitting is wonderful...Indeed! Indeed! What a treasure and the Waterlogue app is just perfect for this memory+photo. Looking fwd to seeing next week's reveal!


  5. I really love this, Mary. He will always treasure it!


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