Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Watercolor Wednesday | Colors. of my favorite things about finishing knitting projects is starting new ones.

With all the finishing in my recent past, you can bet there will be a lot of starting in my near future! One of the projects I hemmed and hawed about was the next Rowan KAL. I dove head-first into the last one (designed by Martin Storey) and still have 17 balls of yarn and 47 squares to go. To say I hesitated about another one would be an understatement. For about a week. And then I saw the colorways and watched the video. and today I bought the yarn. Note that this time I'm only in for the "small pillow". It's still 2,000 yards of yarn to make a 22" square pillow.

Three things convinced me to join:

  1. Kaffe Fassett. colorwork. (new thing for me. from the master.)
  2. Recent success with colorwork finishing. My least favorite part about knitting is finishing; and weaving in ends is second only to seaming in my that unfavored spot. But three of my last four projects have involved a lot of ends...and it hasn't been that bad.
  3. I can make 2015 the Year of the Afghan and finish my Martin Storey taking a square a week plus the finishing (stay tuned. it's a big goal!)

So I'm in. Along with Vicki. How about you?!

p.s. this is the Brown colorway; Kaffe has four suggested colorways including Brown, Red, Pastel and Turquoise. I chose this one because I love it...and it's also the best match for my family room.

p.p.s. the blanket is blocked...and there's no more news!


  1. If there are no baby pictures yet, I guess this lovely watercolor wednesday photo will just have to do...for now.

  2. I'm on the fence about the Rowan KAL, but the pillow sounds doable! Maybe I'll look into it further as Kaffe Fassett color work? Hello? and learning something new? Grand!

  3. Yep, that Kaffe will get you every time - happens to me with the fabric. Love your color palette. I guess the lesson we all need to learn is it -finishing, starting, doing, etc - is not as bad as we anticipate. We just need to get on with it! Like taking medicine, thinking it's yucky and tasting it isn't !
    Will await the news.

  4. Both projects would be so nice to have when it gets really cold! Baby watch 2014 continues!


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