Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hello, My Name is Mary.

...and I'm addicted to knitting hats.

clockwise from the top: Nor'Easter, a test knit for Charlie, Pressed Rib Cap, Mix No 32, (new) Simple Pleasures and (in progress) Watch Cap

It all started innocently enough a few weeks back when I signed up to knit the (new) Simple Pleasures for the last newsletter. But before that issue even published I was combing the stash (and the scraps) to knit the other three. I even started a KAL ... but I think I'm the only one who's participating (it's a sad addiction when you can do it without any company).

The Watch Cap I started this morning is the last of the four newsletter hats. Waiting in the wings (as a result of all that stash/scrap combing) are three more: the Churchmouse beret, another Simple Pleasures and Downton.

Stay tuned for modeled shots - so far, every single one is a winner...and obviously, they're quick and easy! (and yikes, stay tuned, too, for Ravelry details... I haven't even kept my projects up to date through the frenzy!)



  1. Those are great - is the pattern for Mix No 32 on Ravelry?

  2. Wow! You ARE knitting up a frenzy. Love every hat and can't wait for the model shots!

  3. I got stuck in a "hat jag" a few years ago. I think no one escaped my hat-knitting frenzy! Those are some great looking hats, Mary! You're all ready for cold weather.

  4. and just in time too! As always-these are on "the list" to start!

  5. Your hats are an addiction of the good kind! I'm also looking forward to the modeled shots and Ravelry details. I'm always looking for the perfect hat and who better to direct me than someone who may be knitting them all!


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