Monday, February 23, 2015


...that's right, folks, it's plural.

I finished (and mailed!) Sara's socks

and that Squirrel! project I posted about last week.

I'm delighted with both - even though neither one was even close to my radar two weeks ago. Quick happy is good happy!

There are seven more balls of that Pure Wool Worsted (assorted colors, left over from last summer's Martin Storey mystery) on the shelf upstairs. I can only hope at least a few have the full 100g so I can turn them into three day socks.

And I have almost half a skein of the laceweight color leftover from Polar Opposites. I'd like to pass it along to one of you (not that I'm encouring more Squirrel! behavior ;-) But if you'd like this extra, leave a comment telling me what yarn you'd mix with it. I'll choose the winner on February 28; depending on where you live, there still might be Polar time to wear it when you finish!

of course I still have more WIP's than I can count on one hand and two deadline projects to start - and finish. more on all of that...soon!

Happy Monday!



  1. Great finished projects! And fast, too!

  2. That might be the most perfect pair of socks ever! Warm and with a surprise toe!!

  3. I so love that red toe. Am looking to finish my Kaffe F. afghan so I can use the leftover worsted for socks and hats. The polar opposite is so cool looking.

  4. I would pair the lace weight with several skeins of Cascade 220 (held double) in a warm buttery yellow color from my stash. I think it would be beautiful! Sadly I think there is plenty of time to make and wear this as we have 3 feet of snow on the ground and zero degrees outside, it's not melting anytime soon. Thanks for the giveaway.

    In case I win, Rav id ROCknit email

  5. I love the plurality of your FOs and the lovely, warm FOs themselves! I've been thinking about some Blue Sky Extra (in Arctic Circle!) for a Polar Opposite so that's what I'd mix the laceweight with. It was -8 here this morning so I was forced to start a cowl with some Malabrigo. I feel warmer just knitting it!

  6. I love those socks & the red toe!

  7. You are so prolific! Those socks are just wonderful; I like the red toe BEST of all. It's like a sock-pedicure.

  8. That sock rocks! (Red being the best color ever!)

  9. Gosh, such speedy knitting! My mother - who was also a super knitter - would have been studying those heel patterns closely :).


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