Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesdays with Charlie | A Full Lap and Some Knitting.

I shared this photo on Instagram, but the caption ("full lap ... full heart") doesn't tell the whole story.

First off - it's huge that Holly and Charlie are both snuggled in the same chair (even with Marmie wedged in between). And the book we're reading is new (we also read this one) - the latest in the crayon series from Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. I bought these (actually pre-ordered, way back in August; they were delivered last week) for Charlie to give to his little brother; it's only fair - right?! - that he gets to read them first (we still need to wrap them). 

They're board books, so I think they'll be sturdy - and I'll bet Charlie will be able to "read" them out loud soon...just like I did today. Also - note the afghan. Yep, snuggle weather!

Naptime proceeded much as usual. Milk, two stories and then two plus hours of sleep for Charlie...and knitting for me. This photo (which I also shared on Instagram) pretty much sums up that part of the day.

But I didn't share this one. after finishing round 51, and putting all the stitches on waste yarn for a try-on.

Decided it's long enough - and I've now started the 2" of ribbing at the bottom of the body. Tomorrow there will be sleeves!


  1. I'm glad Charlie's brother (he does need a name soon!) will have books of his own, ready to greet him. And that looks like a sweater by Friday!

  2. You are flying through that sweater knitting! And hooray for lap time with Charlie AND Holly!

  3. Holy cow! You speed knitter you! That looks fantastic! I am miles away from a "try on" but with any luck I can get a little knitting time this afternoon while I catch up on Indian Summer!

  4. Yikes that is FAST!! And Sigla looks wonderful. Love the idea of Charlie giving his new brother books - wonderful!

  5. How nice to see pictures of Holly. Charlie is going to love being a big brother. Your Sigla is going so quickly!

  6. This project is flying along! So glad Holly and Charlie are sharing close to the same space.

  7. Have you ever clocked your knitting?! Love that Holly & Charlie are warming up to one another...in time! Lucky little brother...a big brother to read to him!


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