Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesdays with Charlie | Smile!

We started dark early again today with a walk on the greenway (I'm sure Holly is gonna love the end of daylight savings time when she can do her business in the daylight before 8am!)

Puzzles seem to be his new favorite activity. This was the fourth (!!!) one we worked. It was a gift from my mom and he was happy to send her a greeting of the finished picture. Monster Trucks!

We had to make an emergency run to Costco for hummus. I knew we were out, but I didn't think Charlie would be asking for it before lunch. But he did, so we did.

SMILES for miles.

And he still had one for the drive home.

He also took a long nap and that gave Holly a smile. me too.


  1. Cute as always! Seeing that puzzle reminds me of "big dig" children's videos that my sons watched when they were around Charlie's age. Looks like you can now find them on YouTube (of course)!

  2. Where was Holly in the first pic? Nice bag, by the way. ;-) Is that your Ravello sweater?

  3. Love that "cheez" smile in pic #2! Fun post...'cause Tuesdays with Charlie really are fun!


  4. I love puzzle time! (Note to self: Need more puzzles.) Adorable smiles...

  5. Adorable smiles and puzzles FTW!

  6. Looks like a terrific day! And nice sweater!

  7. He is just too fun! Puzzles were my favorite toy and they were a great way to learn (and later teach) anything!


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