Friday, March 9, 2007

keeping up.

(Gladiolus Harvest by Jonathan Green, thank you green)
busy week - in a good way, doing the right things - but now feeling like I'm behind. unacceptable for a Friday, so I'm going to let go of some of my internal to-do list and be happy keeping up. {yes, for me, this is a "habit" I'm still working on.... letting go and being ok with it does not come easy - but it feels good when I do it!}

I've discovered that my journal - a wonderful birthday gift from Katie last year - is a good incubator for this blog. A few excerpts from yesterday's entry about "daydreams" (another inspiration from my Scatter Joy jar):
*warmer weather - capris, t-shirts and flip flops
*Sunday - no plans - scrapbooking...need to get photos from last week developed so I have pics to use {done - just have to pick them up - I love love love ritzpix online!}
*Katie spring break week after next - taking off 2 days from work to play
*using my new alphabet stamps for journaling and scrapbooking
*nice dinner with Sara tonight (just the 2 of us - Marc has a meeting) {we did this - crab cakes, salmon cakes, garlic green beans and really yummy sweet the dining room with candles - thank you Harrys for making this possible!}
*switching the house from winter to spring/summer - new candles, potpourri and the cotton pillow covers
*cleaning out my closet ... maybe getting wooden hangers (only if I get rid of most of my clothes!)

Other ramblings:
*Friday is my favorite day of the week (same for Karen, we talked about it last weekend :-) and we agreed a good Friday color is bright magenta like THIS (Visual Chronicles inspiration explained here); Sara thinks Saturday is the best day and it's a color like THIS
*I bought my first issue of Blueprint - new mag from the Martha Stewart empire - and it hurt like crazy to support her ... I was a HUGE fan before she cheated and went to prison ... but maybe it's time to forgive and forget? anyway - love the layout - especially the title font - and the blog, but I think I'm about 10 years older than the target demographic and I wonder if that's true for other magazines I read (like In Style and Elle) but maybe I just don't realize it or maybe I just don't care!?
*Researching funky bags on etsy (see Katie's post from last Friday) - this one, or this one, or this one? ...or I would say who cares about funky, what's wrong with Vera Bradley (too beachy)?
*Loving Jonathan Green - bought 2 of his art postcards last weekend because I liked the colors so much - then read up about him and totally love the way he portrays the low country
*Got my hair done today - Carla had this beautiful birds nest sitting at her station - what a lovely reminder of spring just around the corner!

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