Wednesday, February 28, 2007

billy joel.

a post in anticipation of a billy joel concert - for me and katie - tomorrow night. haven't seen billy joel with katie. next to my sister, katie is probably the best billy joel fan i know these to me anyway. i found billy joel in high school - just after the stranger album came out - 1977 or 1978? but really fell in love in college - glass houses and nylon curtain and the older albums - especially turnstiles - i first saw him in concert then and think i've been to 3 more concerts over the years. marc was (is?) a fan, too and i'm sure that's a fundamental requirement for any soulmate of mine....

my sister and i saw 'movin out' two years ago - and i commented to her then that i felt billy joel played the soundtrack of my life - there are so many periods of my life that have his songs bound to them - high school and only the good die young (cliche senior quote, but at least the song was new back then!) or scenes from an italian restaurant, a summer in college with travelin' prayer (played over and over - that was when we played albums on a turntable), the early married years when billy joel found christie brinkley (every guy's dream?!) and the storm front concert... we didn't start the fire was a wonderful video - maybe i'm mis-remembering, but i'm sure katie has it as an early memory! as i got older, i tended more toward the older stuff - reconnected with piano man when katie did an essay on it in middle school and summer, highland falls is from katie's senior year in high school. i was working too much and missed important things. i now enjoy the song for many different reasons (and it's #1 on my playlist), but two years ago, every time i heard 'they say that these are not the best of times but they're the only times i've ever known' i'd tear up...
i can't think of any other musician who has been as timeless and as least for me - and i'm very fortunate that katie might agree with me!

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