Wednesday, February 28, 2007

4:30 a.m.

(yes, still experimenting with the new camera; I love no flash - photo on top=no flash - what do you think? I love the golden, yellow tones - seems more real-to-life?)
So - I've wanted to scrap about 4:30, but think it might be better as a blog posting! my alarm is set for 4:24 a.m. during the week - I snooze for one, at most two intervals, so I'm always up by 4:40. I know that's unusual, but it really works for me - here's an excerpt from my journal, dated 1-9-07:
- the house is dark and quiet
- start the coffee, boot up my laptop, check email (I'm sure people freak out the first time they get an email from me before 5:00 a.m.!)
- Marc gets up around 5:30 - feeds the dog, has coffee and reads the paper {interesting note - Marc gets up at this time on the weekends, too - me, I try to sleep at least til 6:00!}
- I get two hours of work done before I wake-up Sara at 7:00
Those two hours are key for me now - love having something 'accomplished' and a few to-do's checked off before the real day starts...and I never feel guilty about getting to the office at 9:00 or leaving at 4:00.

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