Monday, August 27, 2007

back on campus.

...again today - I volunteered to be Hewitt/Atlanta's liaison with Georgia Tech campus recruiting for two reasons: first because it gives us access to wonderful candidates and second because (duh!) it gives me access to Katie. Although I didn't get to see her when I was there this morning, I always feel a special something when I'm on campus, or even when I drive by her dorm! Today's meeting was with Career Services - so really getting ourselves linked in with the graduating students. And it was positive. I have a few to-do's, but it looks like Hewitt will be back on campus this fall - thank goodness!

I spent the rest of the day out and about as well - to our Riverwood office for an interview, then to Norcross for a site visit with H.E.R.O. for Children, another fantastic-get-yourself-fired-up organization that the HA Foundation supports (as does Katie - check this out). Picked up Sara and then home for a final conference call - co-ordinating more foundation stuff - this time raffle ticket sales :-)

Yesterday was fun-filled, too - especially lunch. I decided on this. And Sara gave it a great review. It was easy to make. I only used one pound of shrimp (bought a one-pound bag of pre-cooked, peeled, frozen shrimp and thawed it while I made the mint dressing). Worked like a charm. I kept the other ingredients the same. So - Ellie's version:

and mine:
it wasn't cheating to add the beautiful dogwood plates to show off the salad colors, or the beautiful baby greens, or the half-tomato rose, was it?!


  1. Love the photos, need to see the settings on your camera- have a hard time getting close-ups with writing.

  2. super yum on that salad - thanks for the recipe link!


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