Monday, April 7, 2008


We are here. Two hours in the city and we see a really, really, really famous person. Guess who?

(P.S. Know the picture is blurry, but I (Sara) took it and then a swarm of angry New Yorkers came buzzing toward me and I was engulfed. Still, you might be able to tell. And I came THIS close to actually touching her (and, actually, according to my mom, the man in the picture is also pretty famous, though I've never heard of him). And, also, she looks extremely old. Imagine what Joan Rivers would look like up close! Television does wonders!)

Also, we had a totally incredible apple crumb pie that was so delicious I might have to write Bon Apetit in that special travel/restaurant section of the magazine and ask for the recipe (from Joe Allen).


  1. Barbara Walters? No idea who the guy could be. Barack Obama? hehehe probably not.

  2. Barbara Walters is my guess, don't you love joe allen. am enjoying miami so far, it's sooo hot!

  3. Yes, Barbara Walters. And the guy is Charlie Gibson (who I thought looked much taller, and better!, in real life!)


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