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Monday, August 25, 2008

the coffee break.

...two sources of inspiration for this one - first, lydia (and I could swear she'd posted about the coffee break tradition she created and upheld at her office, but maybe I was just remembering this?) and second, the lovely group of ladies who comprise my dinner club, many of whom I work with, four of us now all on the same floor, and at our last meeting we were all talking about coffee and I committed to creating a coffee break in what is my "new-to-me" office effective today -- yeah, I know, these photos don't really look different from the old place. because I got very lucky and the new space is just four floors up from the old one. same layout. same view. just higher.

I held up my end of the bargain and enjoyed french press verona about 2 pm. brought hot milk from home (that's the thermos) and scored mugs and a pretty tray on clearance at target this weekend.
It all helped take the edge off the rainy chill outside.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

stamp club.

...paper and ink and stamps and punches, lots of punches.
plus a few friends, lots of talking, laughing.
three finished cards!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

another milestone.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

what we're reading.

(click to see who's who)...bookclub last night at Shari's. wonderful as always. we talked about Terri's pick from June (Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson - general consensus was good, and we especially enjoyed the link to the blind and Patty's work, and thinking about Johnny Depp as Henry), enjoyed food & wine, meeting Shari's neighbor Betsy (thanks for this wonderful group shot!), and most of all each other.

Shari shared the What We're Reading article from the ajc back in June (and I tried to find it online but couldn't - the best I could do was this one from August 10 - but at least you get the idea). Turns out the Ladies in Reading Enjoyment (L.I.R.E.) that was featured that week in June is Shari's "other" bookclub. And she so wants us (me) to submit our club to the paper.

Here's a trial run:

How often they meet: Monthly

About this club: Started in 2000 when I failed miserably to get myself invited to join the Hembree Grove bookclub - and decided the only way I'd be in a bookclub was to start one myself. We started with a core group of women from the neighborhood plus a few "outsiders". Every member picks a month to host - always good food + wine - and select the book. The next month, that member leads the discussion about the book (at someone else's house). We started with a few "rules" - more like guidelines - except for the one "no deep s****" that's a real rule! we try to stick to what's out in paperback to keep the costs down and encourage picks you've read before. Over the years we've read some wonderful books (we tried to count how many last night - maybe 80?) and celebrated life together - marriage, birth, divorce, death, and so much more. A few of our original members have moved away, but we've added new ones, too. It's got a life of its own now and I honestly can't imagine mine without it.

Recently read: Between, Georgia, by Joshilyn Jackson

What it's about: A small town between Atlanta and Athens. Two families with different views about the world, and the daughter they share. (and a very cute bookstore owner named Henry)

What members thought: See above. This is the second book of Jackson's we've read. Gods in Alabama was the first. Personally, I liked this one better. Loved the location!

Next assignment: The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs (Shari learned to knit in the past year and this is a celebration of that, I think - and I am very much looking forward to it!)


Sunday, August 17, 2008

go world. latest create 08 entry. really, some of these prompts are hard to capture with a 4x6 photo!

but finally, I got inspired by the colors at the park and the iconic olympic symbol. I wasn't sure I'd be able to find all five colors, and figured the black would be the hardest, but tree bark and rocks (and even the sunflower center) have a surprising amount of black! for yellow and red, I noticed leaves starting to turn. wow, surely that doesn't happen before labor day, does it?

oh yes, I have been enjoying the olympics - who wouldn't love the inspiration that is michael phelps. what a great story! and I think I totally shocked marc when I got very into the men's volleyball yesterday afternoon (did you see gibb & rosenthal - wow!). and then that totally weird steeplechase event where people act like horses and jump hurdles into puddles?? and the women's diving. we're loving all of it. go usa. go world.


two of us.

...I just added this photo to the two of us set on my flickr site. and was amazed to see it's #91. truly, this is probably my favorite set of all. captures so many wonderful moments with katie, with sara, and so many of my good friends.

the second iteration of dinner club got off to a great start friday night at ecco. with plenty of everything that makes a good party of girlfriends. laughing. talking. stories. appetizers. gourmet pizza. grilled vegetables. salad. wine. except for no photos. it was pretty dark and I didn't want to divert any of the conversation. but we planned our next date and I'll definitely take pictures then.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

two shameless plugs.

...first, the 2-day walk. which has completely snuck up on us. donations are due next week and karen and I just last night got together to send out 50+ emails to our collective friends and family. the good thing is that our friends and family are very generous. so hopefully we'll come out fine. and ooohhh! I just visited the donation page to get the link - and there's another $100 since just last night, see, we're going to be fine!

and second, not that francie reads my blog, but if she did, she'd see that I very much want to visit this lovely new store when I'm in portland next month! I can't imagine being able to see all person! it's ink & peat. which I found on oh joy's blog. but the best part might be the owner's blog (check it out - GREAT photos!)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

this might be just for me.

...these flowers were one thing I was really into a year ago...and this is a short post about what I'm really into now (so six months from now I can remember!)

1. first, podcasts - I got an 80 gb ipod for my 25th service anniversary. and so far, I haven't been able to dream up how to fill even 10% of it. but the podcasts are helping. I'm especially enjoying lime&violet and this american life (also enjoying stash and burn, but that's shorter, so perfect for my shuffle and a run in the park - see item #2)

2. runs in the park - the 3 mile increment is perfect for a run and I am beyond myself proud that I've covered 500 miles so far in 2008! (trying hard to figure out how to handle the park when it gets light even later and... gets colder!)

3. twist collective - from lime&violet and oh my, serious knitting pattern delight! (ooohhh, this and this?)

4. tory burch flats - thanks to the lovely shopping trip I had with katie on sunday, I am now the proud owner of these flats (well, mine are camel, not brown). and I canNOT wait to wear them!

5. planning for paris - I had two 15% off coupons for barnes&noble and used them to buy this book and this one. planning is one of my favorite stages of the vacation - next to actually taking it, and then taking a day (or two?) off work to make the scrapbook

6. hybrid scrapbooking a la ali edwards - I know I just hinted at this with monday's post, but trust me, it's fun! so many things in life seem to lend themselves to a mini book like I made from the beach...

7. taking pictures and making plans - a very true quote from a favorite author

would so love to hear what's inspiring anyone who's reading this


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

for lydia

for lydia
Originally uploaded by mere2007

yes, she's the big 4-0 today! welcome to the best decade (so far, anyway!), lydia!

Monday, August 11, 2008

first day of school. much different without carpool or the bus. yup, sara got her parking pass and headed off by herself this morning. and no, I didn't cry taking this picture!
leaving me free to get those beach photos into an album (many thanks to ali edwards!). all I wanted to get done today. and I did it. barely. but it was too dark when I finished to get any really good photos. so here's a taste of what the 18 photos looked like. and the mess that was my kitchen table in the process.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

sunday with katie., planning for paris, learning about wine, enjoying a lovely meal. all the best things, really.
until it was over and I realized we didn't have another meet-me date on the calendar and I lost it. but felt better once I got home, and realized she lived close enough to see the same sky.
click the photos to see more info. they're all on flickr.

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...sadly, I didn't think to charge my camera battery before the cupcake extravaganza that was lydia's lovely birthday celebration. and even the few photos I did manage to take didn't turn out well at all.

except for this one.
and this one from sara's cupcake baking flurry on friday night.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

late lunch.

...bistro vg of course. my (or maybe our) favorite.
in between ordering (delicious fig pizza and grilled scallop & celeriac salad with humboldt fog blue cheese - yes, totally yum) and the fabulous peach tartin for dessert
we played with the camera. continuous photo. slightly raised exposure time. lots of giggles. very much fun.

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totally spoiled.

working from home
Originally uploaded by mere2007 sara, who offered to make my lunch, and put together this beautiful salad plate with tuna salad and all kinds of other yummy finger food. thanks, sar!

Monday, August 4, 2008

hello august.

...surely this summer has gone by faster than any other? this is the last week of summer break (school starts next monday). Sara and I did a bit of shopping saturday (taking advantage of the georgia tax holiday and for the most part avoiding long lines), and enjoyed lunch at brio.
and yesterday I got caught up on elise's paper adventure - hadn't posted an entry since july 14 (which is only three weeks, I guess, but wow, that was back in july, before the beach, and it just seems like ages ago!)

first up Quiet. I had the idea for this one before we left, and loved being able to capture a beach morning.

then Five. a very cool idea for journaling, but tough to capture with a photo. so I played around with photoshop brushes and text masks.
and finally a Person. I picked my Karen. because I had this great photo of her from a belated birthday lunch back in February. my initial thought had been one of my mom, but I searched and don't think I have any pictures of her by herself. (need to fix that when I see her later this month!)

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