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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

keeping the faith.

...I had great plans to share my latest project life week here yesterday. I was printing photos and journaling cards yesterday afternoon when Katie texted "sad day for runners :("  I replied "Boston marathon? What happened?"

and yeah, you know the rest. the pile of project life stuff I printed is still a pile on my desk. and I'm still wavering between the really sad (yes, I have tears in my eyes as I type this...especially after re-reading the links I'm going to share) and the incredibly angry. I was fixated by the "weight of justice" tagline from Obama's speech that was repeated so often on last night's newscasts. Justice isn't heavy only for those who do wrong; it's a heavy burden for all of us.

but most of all, my heart breaks for those who ran that race. those who set a life goal to run it. because that race is a life goal race. you have to qualify. you have to train. hard. hours. time... and it's not the elite runners, it's the "average" ones (by Boston marathon standards know, the "average" that I, as a novice half marathoner, might hope to be) who were hurt by this.

and that is what I just can't get my head around.

these two articles, though, are helping. and I thank my daughters for sharing them with me. I'm sharing them here because this is what I wish I'd heard on the news last night.

the first one is from Katie and Sara responded with this one.

I've made plans to run more half marathons, and I've said loud and clear I have no desire to run a full. but maybe. just maybe. I'm rethinking that.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

when the going gets tough.

...the tough stop sleeping and start counting the clock chimes at 2am, 3am, 4am...while thinking about new knitting projects. (startitis anyone?)

Maggiknits Linen, Habu Tsumugi Silk doubled and Tsumugi Silk single for Jane's Tunic, Hane and Die-Cut Vest, respectively
Tsumugi Silk for the Die-Cut vest (which I've loved since I saw the latest Knit.Wear a few weeks ago), appears to be right on (first try - yay!)
and then casting on and knitting.
Jane's Tunic with the Maggiknits Linen on size 9 needles (which feel like broomsticks after the 2's, 2.5's and 3's I've been working on)
while catching up on two seasons missed of Game of Thrones.

I'll admit that, so far, Game of Thrones isn't done much for my sleep, but oh my, it's good for when I'm awake! [for the record, I'm mid-way through the 6th episode of season one and I have grand plans to be caught up to season three by the weekend - a mere 15+ hours of TV to go!]

what projects are keeping you up at night? ...and have you been watching Game of Thrones? are you hooked?

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Saturday, April 6, 2013


...first, thank you everyone who read - and especially everyone who commented on - my last post. your kind words and encouragement are certainly part of why I'm here and that positive reinforcement helps a lot. and now it's a Saturday afternoon and I'm writing a blog as not to leave anyone hanging on the outcome of...

the mending. I did whip that edge - about 2" long - with a very sharp needle and a doubled strand of thread (I didn't even have an exact match but decided the "blend" was good).

Like I responded to Kristen, I dreamed about it Thursday night and had a clear picture in mind of what I needed to do. It was actually very easy to secure the thread into the silk and then just wrap it around, back through a strand of silk, and around... until I'd covered the length of the cast-on edge. I took the photo for documentation. and of course (!!) I told the story yesterday (more than once!). but now, I think it's over.

the finished piece is lovely.

the colors blend beautifully (pardon me if I do say so myself!)

and it's very wearable.
yesterday's outfit - khaki minnie pants and brown flats from j crew, t-shirt and jacket from CABi
there are more details on my ravelry page, but I think I used about 1,000 yards (quite a bit less than the 1,200 yards the pattern called for)...and of course on size 3 needles, it seemed like 2,000. seriously, those last few inches were 400/500+ stitches per row. I timed myself. 20 minutes per row. whoa. the bind-off was especially epic (I used that stretchy *K2tog TBL, move the stitch back to the left needle* that Stephen West suggests and I know that took at least an hour). of course, now that it's done. I forget all that. but it may be a while before I start another epic knit!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013


...I know. that title is a bit harsh. certainly not the one I envisioned, making my way back into this space after a two-week long absence. and for no really good reason(s) except I wasn't motivated to find the time to share anything here.
knitting and that delicious asparagus guacamole

I will say it took me a week to figure that out and then a few more days to picture myself as someone without a blog...and a few more days to decide I liked the version of me that "has a blog". and that version of me planned a grand come-back. pretty photos of the asparagus guacamole I made for last saturday's knitting party. insightful thoughts from the mother-of-the-bride as she sits in on the first wedding dress fitting. more insightful thoughts from the blogger in residence at my LYS about our next knit along. successful thoughts about joining a running group (yep, my one little action from march. done)... and still. I couldn't find the time - and really, I do think it's 99% motivation - to post.

Then yesterday and today I started to get more enthusiastic. I've got more time (Marc and his buddies left this afternoon for a golfing weekend) and energy - had my 4th run yesterday with my new "group" and I am loving the company and the encouragement a group provides! and I bound off the stitches on my second Color Affection shawl. maybe I could slide in with a cool "FO Friday" post and just let the past two weeks disappear...

the broken threads....
But when I blocked the shawl, the unthinkable happened. it broke. yep, I pulled the edge stitches so hard they snapped. ungraceful.

and all I could think about was sharing that with y'all...and asking for help. I know the problem can't be fixed. but I think it can be repaired. My plan is to whip stitch a matching color thread along the edge to catch the yarn and hold the broken ends tight. Any other ideas? they're welcome!

As are any other thoughts you'd care to share... I've missed y'all. and I'm ready to be part of this online world (again)!

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