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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Evening.

...Sara just texted that she's landed in Madison. It was great having her here, even for just a few days (and I'm pretty sure I have no photos to even prove she was here, nor for that matter, was I!) Our family was together and it felt so comfortable and complete.

We put up some of the holiday decorations on Friday and she hesitated to take an active role - "I don't know where it goes, or how you like it". Or course she did a fine job on the two mantels and the dining room. And our Christmas wish tree. This was a Sara/Mary project back in 2007 and I've always arranged the cards; this year Sara did it by herself. I didn't cry when I dropped her off at the airport this afternoon. But this evening, when I really looked at the tree and saw this card, placed near the top, right beside "hope" and just below "peace", it hit me. hard.

I have a lot more thoughts and feelings about "family", but that's gonna be another post. For now, I just want to relax on this Sunday evening. Finishing up a few more leftovers, watching TV with Marc and talking over the holiday.

p.s. to everyone who blogged all 30 days this month, congratulations!!

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Blogger Bonny said...

I think you've described a family being together perfectly - "comfortable and complete". I am envious of your not-crying-when-they-leave superpower. I really want to be able to do that, but haven't yet accomplished that feat. Your lovely "family" card photo has me misty-eyed now!

Sunday, 30 November, 2014  
Blogger Carole said...

Enjoy your relaxing Sunday night. Congrats on your 30 days, too! (OKay, 28?)

Sunday, 30 November, 2014  
Blogger margene said...

A month of daily missives isn't all that easy, but it was fun to share it with friends and to hear about family, food, joy and babies! Thank you for being a part of it, Mary!

Monday, 01 December, 2014  
Blogger Kym said...

It's so . . . empty . . . when they leave, non? It's so wonderful, as a mother, to see your kids unfurl their wings and set off on their own. (I mean, that's the way it's supposed to be. Right?) But it's sort of bittersweet. And really empty when they take off again. XOXO to you, Mary.

Monday, 01 December, 2014  
Blogger Vicki Knitorious said...

Man, it's all over if I start to cry when we're face-to-face! I cried all the way across the state of Wisconsin on our way home to Oregon after leaving my mother's once, and across 2/3 of the country after dropping Katie at college the first time -- but I choked them back until we waved our last good-byes. It's SO hard, whether parent or child. It gets easier though. I'm struck by a "selfie" I took with Katie as she was about to board for her year in Edinburgh and I look so happy! And I was... because she was! I always think it's a good thing when I'm sad that my kids are on their way back to home/school/wherever -- it means that I truly enjoy having them around. I savor every moment, and it's apparent that you do, too. ;)

Monday, 01 December, 2014  
Blogger Patty said...

Making me a bit weepy too. I made it to the airport shuttle when we last left Dan in September. :-) BUT! as Kym's the way it's supposed to be right?? Xo

Monday, 01 December, 2014  
Blogger Lydia said...

I loved our peaceful Sunday evening, especially once we stopped playing acme furniture movers!

Wednesday, 03 December, 2014  
Blogger Sue said...

Congratulations to you and Marc for raising two wonderful and independent young women. I'll bet Sara texted you about the same time Kate texted me that she had safely landed in Chicago. I know she'll be back in 3 short weeks, so that always makes it easier. I am so thankful for modern communication since I always feel connected to her and my daughter Hannah, who is away at college. Just always be grateful that they are exactly where they are supposed to be. It's always harder on the mothers. What a bittersweet job we have. Hugs to you! Have a wonderful holiday season with that beautiful grandson!!

Wednesday, 03 December, 2014  

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