Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday | Cooking.

...on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, it's probably no surprise that my works-in-progress are more focused on food than on knitting. (although I did get Charlie's holiday sweater blocked - it's still drying - and I added inches to Sara's cowl...but that will be another post!)

I talked yesterday about "new traditions" and a few of those are wrapped into tomorrow's meal. New recipes....and most of it cooked just by me. I don't remember the last time I cooked the meal by myself. I'm honestly not sure I ever did. In the years before Katie and Sara helped, I'm pretty sure Marc was there... for sure he cooked the turkey.

In recent years, I took over the turkey (and even the gravy, which surprised everyone, especially me!), but the girls were there along with me. Sara took a lead role with vegetables and desserts (always her specialty) and Katie made sides (butternut squash mac and cheese!) and apple pie.

I'm not sure exactly what inspired a toss up this year...maybe it was just time?! But it's just the five of us...small numbers are perfect for trying out new things! (especially when they're family!)... and it won't all be new - there will be turkey and the cranberry sauce Sara found two years ago and the green beans Katie found a few years before that...but just about everything else will be new. It feels weird but also happy to let go those recipes that anchored the holiday (obviously, we weren't really that attached to anything!)

One more thing that's new this year is the schedule. In all the past years, we've done everything (except for Sara's desserts) on Thursday. This year, we're hoping to spend the day not cooking ... which means I needed to get a big head start today. I think I got it all done.

but now it's nearly 9pm ... I hear the garage door...Sara is home...and whatever I didn't get done today...will have to get done tomorrow!


  1. It's good to get it done in advance so you can relax and enjoy the holiday. Hooray for Sara being home!

  2. Neither of my sons was terribly interested in helping with the Thanksgiving cooking, so I envy your time in the kitchen with your girls. Their help was mainly opening difficult-to-open jars!

  3. Enjoy your non-traditional Thanksgiving!

  4. I hope your day has been wonderful!

  5. Ha. My mom would always say that the holiday (or whatever event) was going to happen whether you're ready or not! Just do the best you can -- and probably no one will notice what isn't done, anyway!

  6. We had far fewer dishes on the table this year, didn't even use the good china and sat at the kitchen table. It was much nicer and less stressful.


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