Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Timbered Choir | Second Sunday.

Slowly, slowly, they return
To the small woodland let alone:
Great trees, outspreading and upright,
Apostles of the living light.

Patient as stars, they build in air
Tier after tier a timbered choir,
Stout beams upholding weightless grace
Of song, a blessing on their place.

They stand in waiting all around,
Uprisings of their native ground,
Downcomings of the distant light;
They are the advent they await.

Receiving sun and giving shade,
Their life's a benefaction made,
And is a benediction said
Over the living and the dead.

In fall their brightened leaves, released,
Fly down the wind, and we are pleased
To walk on radiance, amazed.
O light come down to earth, be praised!
- 1986, I (p. 83)

(This Sunday series is inspired by Wendell Berry's A Timbered Choir.)


  1. Oh, beautiful words Mary - so amazing. And, your photography does them justice!

  2. Simply stunning words and photos! The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry is waiting for me at the library, and I have you to thank for introducing me to his wonderful poetry.

  3. Beautifully illustrated - I love the phrase 'a timbered choir' ...

  4. Such beautiful words & photos! I might use that book for my Advent reading.

  5. Peace. We need this. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for sharing this book and your pictures with us. I picked up A Timbered Choir from my LBS yesterday and think I will read all of Berry's Sabbath books. He speaks to my heart.

  7. I think the 2nd to last stanza is my favorite. Thanks for a beautiful post today.

  8. Berry's words and your pictures go together so well - and both are just beautiful. I just want to say thank you, Mary, and although I always enjoy my visit to your blog it has provided a much needed refuge this week.

  9. So beautiful. Love the phrase "walk on radiance" Thank you.

  10. Really lovely. Thank you. XO


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