Friday, January 16, 2009


...I thought about a lot of different titles - why I love the south, or why I love atlanta, or why I'm glad I don't see this every day (shoot, maybe even why I can't believe I saw this ever!). minneapolis was just plain ... cold (with snow). I read Kal's blog every day. Kal lives in Winipeg, which I think is more north, more snowy (colder) than Minneapolis. honestly, after this week, I can't even begin to imagine that much cold.

so bear with me - photos of the cold and the snow. and very glad we're driving south tomorrow, to central florida, where "cold" is 50-something degrees. :-)
14/365 - snowy landing
15/365 - icicles
snow drifts
minus nine
and yes, another notch in my hewitt office belt.

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  1. uh- brrrrrr-but glad you made it there and back without any trouble!


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