Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm in.

...kylie mentioned this last week, and it sounded wonderful, but I didn't decide until this morning to commit. the timing is really perfect - the start of summer (no more school, longer days), marc's out of the country this week, and I have three sweaters and two pairs of socks to finish. I need something "creative" to keep my sanity!

the prompts actually started yesterday, but I'm starting today, and I'm not thinking I'm "behind" - I'm just following a different timeline! the first part of day one's assignment was to write a letter to myself - the self who's completed the course. done (and very fun). and now I'm pondering the prompt - ivory. I'm planning to use photography, a bit of photoshop and maybe some digital elements as my medium for the class. feeling good that I have a few ideas in my head already for this first day.


  1. So pleased you are joining in too! Can't wait to see your ivory photos (if you share them?) Its only Day Two, and I need to catch up and post the photos hehe

  2. this looks like fun...i may shadow ~ so many irons in the fire and going nowhere fast.i'll enjoy following you.

  3. ps. like your new banner, esp the palette.


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