Tuesday, March 29, 2011

made for each other.

...I'm pretty sure I completely made the fed ex delivery guy's day when I opened the garage and raced down the driveway to meet him. I was standing there with a huge smile on my face before he even had my package out if the truck. [a huge thank you to sara for placing the order, etc. and putting up with my "where's the package?" questions all weekend]

and after just a few hours, I'm feeling secure enough to have shut down the old pc and plugged this one into its place. three big to-do's remain: posting on my blog, synching my iphone and downloading photoshop elements (that's huge, because the version I had is four years old, so I'll have a mac and a photoshop learning curve :-). of course, assuming we're reading this on my blog, that list is now down to just two! (but I've added a new #3 - learning iphoto - yikes!)

needless to say, I have not finished knitting the last inch of ribbing my sweater. but I figured out how to check the weather and it looks like we have a few more sweater days in our forecast for this week (sorry everyone!)


  1. how pretty! don't worry about the learning curve. when in doubt, google.

    ps - iphoto is eaaaasy

    now go to bed :)

  2. Congratulations! I remember how excited Hannah was when hers came last August!

  3. new toys are so much fun. happy exploring.

  4. yea! congrats! this is going to keep you all sorts of busy! :)

  5. Welcome to the Mac side of things! I'm not sure how iPhoto has progressed but you may want to research Aperture, since you're a photo kinda gal.

    Have fun!

  6. Once you go Mac, you'll never go back ;)

  7. A new learning opportunity! How exciting! I am so toying with the idea of an iMac...going to monitor your progress. Do enjoy.


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