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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

finally time for internet.

...sitting at starbucks (york ave at 80th - just around the corner from katie's apt) and uploading photos. and using katie's mac, because I left my laptop at home. so far that seems to be the only thing I forgot, so that's good, and I love the mac - but it is very different from what I'm used to! hoping I can figure out how to configure my flickr upload once it's done!

(edited - yes, I did figure out flickr, but what I can't figure out is getting pictures into this post - not even links, so visit the photos (there's a link in the sidebar) and use this post for commentary - hopefully we'll have time today for katie to show me that part for tomorrow!)

in any event, whew, it's been four extremely busy - but honestly, very productive - days!

we left roswell about 3:00pm on friday afternoon. google maps said our trip was 881 miles, about 14 hours 22 minutes. we were hoping to have 3-4 hours to stop for sleep and arrive in manhattan by 11:00am on saturday. katie drove the truck like a pro (not that it takes much from a driving perspective to impress me, but really, she was good). we headed up I85 to south carolina and north carolina, picked up I77 into virginia, then I81. we stopped for sleep in harrisonburg - and felt pretty good after just four hours. back on the road again by 4:45am ... to west virginia, then maryland, pennsylvania and I78 into nj (the first state without a welcome sign!) and I95 to the lincoln tunnel and into manhattan. from there to e79th street. we picked up the keys at 11:00 - right on time!

spent 2-1/2 hours unloading and getting everything up to the 6th floor. katie hired three guys to help and they made it go much faster. my job was to watch the uhaul and the movers' van to be sure we didn't get a ticket.

and then the real moving in started.

my only job was the kitchen (and it did take me about six hours). katie assembled her bed, the microwave cart, shelves for the bathroom, shelves for her closet and the dining table. again, not that it takes much in the "handy" area to impress me, but she is good!

we ordered in pizza and worked til about 2am - feeling pretty good about our progress.

the sun gets up really early here - like 5-something am. so even sleeping til 6:30 feels like a long time. sunday was more of the same - we visited the grocery (katie "seriously grumpy" to spend $75 on just a few essentials - eating out seems cheap!) and then more unpacking/setting up. first the window air conditioner. then the living room rug. and we made a list of needs (like shelves for the pantry, blinds, locks, chairs) and headed out.

subway to midtown (duvet cover at anthropologie was the first item on the list)...and met up with the gay pride parade. it was a zoo. great for peoplewatching if we had the time, but it was more an inconvenience to walk ten blocks out of our way just to cross 5th ave. got to see the 30 rock building.

success at anthropologie and we headed to chelsea for home depot. this is a fabulous store - it looks great, and the staff is so helpful, and we actually found everything we needed and arranged for same day delivery (just $20 - a real deal in manhattan!). then bed bath & beyond and west elm for the chairs. we took a cab home (carrying chairs on the subway is not an option). a quick trip to agata & valentina's for dinner food. then back for the home depot delivery. katie got the pantry storage setup and then unpacked and organized it all.

then monday - started with a bit of bad news - the pottery barn delivery (console table for the tv and coffee table) katie was expecting won't be here til wednesday. we regroup and head to the park for a long run/walk - two hours later and we feel good. katie hangs the blinds and installs a deadbolt (while I knit and check work emails). another much smaller list and we head out. first to soho for crate & barrel. katie has pretty silk tulips that need a vase. then back to chelsea for home depot and fish's eddy. more success and we head home. it's 7pm by the time we get back. but we get it unpacked and katie can finally get the front hall cleared out. leftovers for dinner and early to bed.

so now it's tuesday. the couch is supposed to arrive between noon and 2pm. we've got another long run/walk planned. and more groceries to have mexican for dinner.

closing with two thoughts - what's top of mind after editing the photos and typing this post - amazing how much we've (really mostly katie, with a little help from me) accomplished so far...and so grateful I'm having the opportunity to spend this time with her - love watching her, so capable, so smart, and so much fun.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

revisting 2009 goals.

...anyone who knows me (and of course everyone who reads this blog does!) wouldn't be at all surprised that I set out goals for myself at the beginning of the year. this year, I used a fun template that jess gonacha designed - I resized it, printed it out and filled it in. then pasted in my journal and (this will surprise you!) didn't revisit until just this morning. and when I saw I had four not started, I realized I needed a more portable version.

boy I love photoshop! (and it was really easy to add #10 just now!)
I'm proud of the two I've completed (note that the scrapbook goal was originally just for beaufort, nyc and paris, but I couldn't fit all that onto the photoshop version) and feeling good about the four in process. planning to spend some time on the others once the move is done. in sum, feeling pretty good about the half-way mark.

do you make goals? how do you keep up with them?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

closer to a clear head.

174/365 - getting it together
Originally uploaded by mere2007

...starting with a four-mile walk with sara after work (it was hot, but soooo worth it!).

and then I cast on my new sweater - took me four tries to have enough yarn for the cast on and knit the first row with the ball end (not the leftover cast on)... but six rows into it now and I think I can do it!

28thirty cast-on

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day. my dad. There are lots of photos of the two of us (thanks to my mom, I know!) and they all show him spending time with me ... playing, fishing, eating, reading...and he always looks like he's enjoying it. and I'm sure there were times it was hard, but it never showed. like playing go fish with a 3-year old. thanks so much dad for all your patience and everything you taught me. xxoo, m.


Friday, June 19, 2009

welcome weekend.

170/365 - welcome weekend
Originally uploaded by mere2007 plans to catch up on my sleep, a visit to spa sydell, costco (50 new york photos are ready!), wine on the deck with karen, lydia & katie (one last time, sob/sigh), father's day (golf, grilling and a call to my dad), and hopefully a few miles in the park to enjoy the summer that has - finally - arrived, maybe (hopefully) some cooking with fresh herbsherb garden
and a bit of time to catch my breath before next weekend's move.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


dinner at becco
Originally uploaded by mere2007

...getting the apartment and a successful end (assuming of course that the lease signing goes fine today) to the apartment hunting trip. it's very hard to believe we'll be back in 11 days to move in.


Monday, June 15, 2009

apartment hunting report - days three and four.

...yesterday wasn't quite so busy - we had a great run in the parkrunning in the park
and then picked up stuff for a quick breakfast from dean & deluca. lots and lots of window shopping later, we stopped at this great gourmet grocery right around the corner for dinner snacks.eating in

we thought today might be more window shopping with a lease signing sometime midday. but while we were at lunch, katie got a call from the leasing office that the paperwork wasn't all together. I spent a very stressful hour at our nyc office printing paystubs and then arranged for tax returns to be faxed.

and now we're waiting (somewhat impatiently) for a call that everything is ok and we can sign a lease in the morning.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself that I don't look nearly as stressed as I feel in our lunch photo!lunch at blue ribbon bakery

eta - just heard she's approved!!! signing the lease tomorrow morning at 10:30 (whew!!)

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

apartment hunting report - day two.

big news first - she found one! apartment 6H in a beautifully restored building on E 79th street, between east end and york avenues. it has lovely light. and a separate bedroom. closet space. and a very clean kitchen and bathroom. it completely passes the mama test.
apartment 6Hapartment 6Hapartment 6Hapartment 6Hapartment 6Hapartment 6H
the applications and paperwork should be processed this weekend and she'll sign the lease tomorrow.

also yesterday, we had a very late lunch at sarabeth's on central park south - sat outside (such a change from my spring break visits with sara...being able to sit outside!) and enjoyed people watching.
lunch at sarabeths
then we walked back to our apartment (in the rain) through central park. a few more photo opportunities.
walking through central park
walking through central park
and rode the subway to the village for dinner at otto and dessert at l'arte del gelato.
dinner at otto
dinner at otto
dessert at l'arte del gelato
a very full, very exciting and very exhausting day. I fell asleep 5 minutes into "he's just not that into you". maybe I'll get to watch it (again!) today.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

apartment hunting report - day one.

...I talked to marc early this morning and told him I was "cautiously optimistic" we were going to find something perfect for katie today. we ended four plus hours of looking yesterday with an actual favorite - on the 4th floor of this building.
418 e 78th street
the kitchen and the light from the front windows are the best parts, I think.

of course there are still going to be good food photos for sara.
lunch at fig & olive
and as many of the two of us as I can convince katie to smile for.
dinner at canyon road

p.s. started a new flickr set here to keep up with all the photos.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

things everyone needs to know.

162/365 - can you fix this?
Originally uploaded by mere2007

...that was all that was running through my head as I (clumsily) mended katie's top tonight. because of course I know how to do that (clumsily, but it would've been way easier and neater if I'd had a sewing maching instead)...but I realized there are so many things on that list. and honestly, I'm glad I know almost all of them (and hoping I can be sure katie does too...before july!)

Curious about thoughts from others - but here is my quick attempt at a top 10 list in no particular order:

1. sew on a button, mend an underarm seam or a hem.
2. clean the kitchen and the bathroom. (yes - I'm into cleanliness and I really believe that a clean kitchen and a clean bathroom is really all you need, but I suspect my mom would add "dusting" to this list and I am, or at least used to be, a pro at that!)
3. do laundry without ruining anything (meaning no running colors, no shrinking)
4. unplug a toilet (I'm really only so-so good at this - but it's a much needed skill in a house of mostly girls)
5. open a bottle of wine that has a cork.
6. balance a checkbook (bouncing a check is just not cool)
7. hang a picture. straight.
8. make coffee.
9. make dinner (doesn't matter what it is, everyone needs to have one meal they can pull off on their own)
10. write a thank you note.

of course all of this is really secondary to the important stuff, like being a good person, loving others and being loved...but you get the gist...


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


161/365 - pattern
Originally uploaded by mere2007

...yes, another post about the 365 project. because the last few days seems like I'm really scraping the barrel, late in the day, to come up with anything. not that I don't always think about taking pictures earlier (honestly, the sunrises and early mornings have been beautiful, but it's usually while I'm driving to work) - shoot, at this point, I really do think about taking my one photo all day long! so I was glad today that I managed the sunrise (yes, on my way to work, but I used the timer to take the picture) and then found this one after work. I really do love the pattern!


Friday, June 5, 2009

the last to know. feels like that sometimes when the girls show me something they've been doing or using forever. like the chi hair straightener. shoot, like the internet (sara still says that 2007 was the year I discovered the internet, wow, I was the last to know!). and I thought I'd done a pretty good job lately keeping up. I have a blog, a "pro" flickr account and gmail. I've shopped at etsy and amazon and regularly use paypal. but this morning (while I was trying to sit still for katie to straighten my hair), I saw google reader on her laptop. and wow. what a great - fast & easy - way to read blogs!!

after work today, I spent a few minutes adding my 21 favorites to my list:

of course most of the people who read this blog probably already know about google reader, so this post is most likely just for me!


Thursday, June 4, 2009


...two updates from the rogovin house.

marc had surgery today on his right shoulder today - the doctor was pleased with the results, which I'm sure means there is good golf in marc's future, but he'll be one-armed and one-handed for a few weeks. (we're prepared)

katie's first rotation with nbc/universal is in new york. she's checking out flights and available apartments for a house-hunting trip next weekend. (we're excited, but at least me, not feeling "prepared" ... yet)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my favorite color.

...ok, you know this is going to about orange, right? I know my favorites have changed, but apart from a lime green and yellow bedroom when I was about 12, and a fixation on brown when I was in high school, I can't remember what those other favorites were. so at least this one is well documented!
inspired by shimelle's june color feature and a cool download (scroll down to find the link). the naked photo is here.

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paris the album. done - actually two albums, over 400 photos plus 10 journaling cards to document what we did each day.

1. paris '09, 2. paris '09, 3. paris '09, 4. paris '09


Monday, June 1, 2009

two red things.

...from sunday

151/365 - watermelon salad
Originally uploaded by mere2007

first - this delicious watermelon salad - we will definitely make it again (click on the photo to see the recipe).

sara's teaching math
Originally uploaded by mere2007

and second - sara in her mathnasium t-shirt - the "uniform" she wears to work... she's been training so far and will have her first real tutoring later this week.

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