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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ten on Tuesday | No Learning Curve., Carole's asked us to share 10 things we wish we could learn instantly. You know, like how toddlers learn which drawer is the one that holds the plastic...the one they're allowed to play in without anyone worrying anything will break.

Learning new things is one of my favorite things, but I'd love to wake up tomorrow and know how to:

1. speak French and Italian

2. bake bread

3. take beautiful photographs

4. and process them

5. knit fair isle with two hands

6. bake the best oatmeal raisin cookies (without needing a recipe)

7. order the perfect bottle of wine when I'm out or

8. mix the perfect cocktail when I'm home

9. apply makeup the way the artist at Bobbi Brown showed me (and boy did she make it look easy!)

...there is one thing I'm currently learning that I still want to learn the old-fashioned way. Something about investing time and making mistakes makes the learning sweet. and for me, right now, that's quilting.

Can't wait to see what "instant learnings" y'all have. If you're not already playing Ten on Tuesday, click here to join the fun.




Blogger Carole said...

I think you already take beautiful photographs. There are other very attainable things on your list, too!

Wednesday, 30 September, 2015  
Blogger margene said...

Maybe we don't learn "instantly" because there is something to learn in the process of finding our way. I have a feeling you could learn many of the things on your list fairly quickly.

Wednesday, 30 September, 2015  
Blogger Honoré said...

Learning is a series of repetitions~some are shorter than others. Once upon a time I baked bread, using a sour dough starter, and it was great fun, especially the "knock down" part - the bread was good too. A great list, certainly doable and for the quilting: everyday is a new learning adventure...and remember the seam ripper: a quilter's best friend!


Wednesday, 30 September, 2015  
Blogger Bonny said...

Baking bread is as easy as reading, and I know you excel at that! Looking forward to seeing your latest learning!

Wednesday, 30 September, 2015  
Blogger Lydia said...

Learning to speak Italian and French would definitely be on my list and I think I'd add the behind the scenes mechanics of computer programming or graphic arts.

Wednesday, 30 September, 2015  
Blogger dbshade said...

Once upon a time I baked sour dough too! Kept my starter for quite awhile and ultimately stopped baking and then got weary of having to "feed" my starter! I've entertained the thought of doing it again, BUT the problem is that I would eat the bread (one of my weaknesses!)

Wednesday, 30 September, 2015  
Blogger Linda said...

French is on my list too! And I forgot Fair Isle knitting! That is another skill I would adore having!!

Linda in VA

Wednesday, 30 September, 2015  
Blogger Kym said...

So many things to learn . . . I wouldn't mind the learning curve on many of the items included on your list (because they sound pleasant and enjoyable). Others, though, I'd prefer to have in an instant! (I'm talking LANGUAGES.) Can't wait to see your quilting. . .

Wednesday, 30 September, 2015  
Blogger alexa said...

That's a nicely varied list - and I think you could indeed do a lot of these! Your photos are already wonderful ... And investing time in learning is never lost, is it ...

Thursday, 01 October, 2015  
Blogger Patty said...

2 through 9 all the way! That Charlie shot is terrific!

Friday, 02 October, 2015  

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