Friday, June 25, 2010

we're on a break.

...alexandria and I. while she dries from her mid-point blocking. part of me wishes I'd read ahead in the directions to know I had to block before I could start the sleeves - I might've pushed through the last bit of the left front yesterday so she could dry overnight. but honestly, most of me is looking forward to this mini-break. kind of like a deep breath of knitting whatever I want (and not worrying about taking notes and making it all as perfect as I try to do for a class sample) before I dive deep into the sleeves and the yoke.

because I am very much looking forward to having her finished - she's so pretty!


  1. mid-point blocking-that's a first for me. she is very pretty indeed.

  2. I've read about mid-point blocking before. Apparently it makes it easier to pick up stitches for sleeves and button bands. It's looking good so far!

  3. Very pretty, so far! I love every one of her patterns! (Must. Knit. Faster.)

  4. It is beautiful already! What are you going to knit while on your break?

  5. a beauty in the making; lovely.


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