Monday, September 12, 2016


Oh my, 6:30 on a Monday evening - I just had a very fun call with my mom where we talked about all manner of stuff...going gray, puzzles, one-on-one time with our grandchildren, Vancouver, snakes (!!), mussels, the crazy practice of grocery stores where they rearrange stuff and a bunch of other things. And now I'm sitting down to write the blog post I expected to write this morning. But I ended up spending the day* with my favorite little guy.
this morning - his first time (now that he's almost TWO) with the car seat facing forward
I can attest that nothing is better for a Monday evening than looking back at slew of photos ... and remembering how great the weekend was.

For sure the highlight was Charlie's birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Curious George, friends, family and presents. Life doesn't get any better ... whether you're (almost) two or (almost) 54!
from Katie's instagram feed (do y'all see what I mean about camera envy!)
ditto this one - and also - SMILE! on Marc's face!  he gave Charlie a "real" set of clubs...for golf camp next summer
I also tried out the Prisma app. super fun!

Holly and I walked.

and I walked by myself. Time flies...but I still can't believe 9-11 was 15 years ago.

Tomorrow is Charlie's birthday. TWO years old. Katie has taken the day off, so it won't be a regular #TuesdaywithCharlie ... but she's invited me to join them for play, lunch and dinner... I promise a full report on Wednesday.

*His daycare had a lice sighting last week and Katie wanted Charlie to have a break. Marmie to the rescue!


  1. Oh the dreaded lice thing. We dealt with it once when Hannah was in preschool. Ugh. Sounds like a great weekend, especially that birthday party!

  2. I'm glad you had Monday with Charlie, he's finally facing forward (so much more to see) and hope he has a very Happy Birthday! I had no idea they made golf clubs that size, and love the big smiles on both Marc's and Charlie's faces - golf buddies!

  3. Happy Birthday wishes to Charlie! Your pictures are all wonderful, but that one with Marc & Charlie is extra special!

  4. Oh goodness-lice-ick! So nice to celebrate birthdays over multiple days. He did seem quite pleased with the golf clubs.

  5. Charlie will love his various birthday celebrations! He's learning early birthdays are all about maximizing the fun!

  6. Those smiles are delightful! (I'd print that one!) And the lice...we managed to dodge that one thank goodness!

  7. Oh my goodness, that photo of Mark & Charlie is ADORABLE... those SMILES! And Golf Camp? Seriously?? So fun...

  8. What super photos - and I am intrigued by that Prismspa app. Off to find out more!


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