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Friday, August 31, 2007


...haven't done a post like this in months. But it feels right for today - the friday of a three-day weekend, marking a new season, with lots of possibilities.

First up, wore my favorite sweater to work today with jeans and the pink flats - honestly in anticipation of a late lunch with Liz (who I haven't seen in weeks, but she had to cancel this morning because her mom's in the hospital - yuck!) - on top of that sad news, I was really glad I wore that sweater (another CAbi favorite, by the way). This is the sweater that goes with the pink skirt that makes up my power outfit... but I love it with jeans, too!

And a productive day at work - drove to Aiken, SC yesterday with two other team members for a client meeting. Very productive on the business front and we got an Enthusiastic Client Certificate signed, which is a big big deal in my office - so kudos to the team! But a tough drive home - it rained nearly all the way but the new car was a trooper and Greg figured out enough of the navigation system to show a split screen with the map on the left and the exit amenities on the right (maybe a bit distracting, but not too much!) today was catching up on the emails from yesterday, and getting enough of this week's to-do's crossed off to be able to sleep this weekend. Success! in large part because several of my planned meetings were cancelled (yeah!) or postponed, leaving a good 3 hour chunk of time to work!

A quick trip to Bonnie's and some very impressive inspirations - aka papers and ribbons - to spark some creativity. I'm starting to re-think my scrapbooking ideals along the lines of papercrafting albums (like the beach album, except with paper instead of stamps). Or using those beautiful papers for my journaling. Maybe with photos. ...still thinking....

So - up for the weekend:
♥ shopping with Sara...she needs "cute tops" and I need "pants that fit (that aren't jeans)" - that's Saturday - and we have to be home in time for the game - when I will knit and Marc and Sara will get crazy
♥ three days in a row to run in the park - I realized last weekend that I have not missed a single run because of weather since I started back running outside in March - sure hope I haven't jinxed the fall, but I love those runs!
♥ starbucks/journaling on Sunday morning while Sara has a tennis lesson with Rob and her new racquet (sorry, not exactly sure the model to include a link!)
only ewe for sock yarn (they're closed on monday, but I really want to make those socks!)
♥ catching up on the KAL - three emails of comment summaries since my membership was approved last night (yikes!) - need to figure out the supply requirements and start scoping out yarn (and beads?!?!) and needles
♥ dinner for Tom & Vicki on Sunday - we haven't seen them since July (honestly, Marc has seen them both - it's me that's the problem.... they all golf and me lately, not so much!) and Vicki and I are both way ready for catching up
♥ hoping to finish a layout (the one pictured at the bottom is done, but the other one I started that day is still in pieces!), read and catch up on some magazines (the pile is obnoxious now that the fall issues of Vogue and In Style have arrived)
♥ lunches with Sara - Saturday - definitely out, Sunday - maybe out, and Monday - definitely home



Blogger Lydia said...

I love that sweater-slow 3 day weekend here- yesterday was great- got to work at 9:30, had lab work in the morning at KP, then my let us leave at 2:30- love those hours! Hope to knit myself silly this weekend, just hope I don't overwhelm myself.

Saturday, 01 September, 2007  

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