Monday, June 28, 2010

it was short.

...yeah, that break? it lasted until just after lunch on saturday. turns out venezia dries quickly. which is good, because I got one sleeve finished and the second one started. I'm sure sara would agree. to say I'm obsessed with finishing this would be an understatement!

and thank you for all the comments and support on my last post. andrea's right, it was a breeze picking up the armhole stitches!


  1. That's good to hear! I decided to block the Spring Garden Tee I'm working on before picking up the neck stitches to finish the edging. It was just too darn curly to wrestle with.

  2. when you're in the home stretch it's hard not to get a little obsessive-my weekend obsession was finishing a center block that had wayyyyy to many half square triangles and little bits.

  3. It look so great! And in the photo, the color of the yarn looks great with your hair!


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