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Saturday, March 31, 2007

inspiration overload.

hydrangeas in my front yard. not sure if this spring is brighter, sunnier, more colorful than usual, or if i'm just paying more attention. but the past three weeks have been simply beautiful here. i know it's a tough season for many - our pollen count is usually off the charts (you can feel it on your teeth when you're outside) and allergies are awful. but sara and i are lucky and aren't bothered by it. so we can really enjoy the flowers and seeing everything turn green. edited 4-1-07 - marc says these aren't hydrangeas (who knew?)...any idea what they are?

sorry no posts since monday - busy week: 17 hour day traveling to houston (and back), sara's last tennis match (she won again - yay!), 100 fruit kebabs, annual doctor visit (clean bill of health but some not-looking-forward-to follow-ups), dinner out with sara and marc, lunch with liz at brio, getting ready for a week off work/school, fridge breakdown....

so - today is the first official day of our spring break. we both got haircuts and pedicures. then a trip to best buy for a portable dvd player (sara felt this was a must-have for the plane trip and the hotel). here we are:

shorter cut for me - yes, mom, i now voluntary get that pixie cut i absolutely hated growing up. and long-armed sara with her newly straightened hair and side part and cool white tee topped by gap argyle vest (that katie and i have both worn, too - i love that!)

each week, i try to find a few new inspirations on-line. spending a few hours wandering from site to site...seeing many new places, ideas, photos and meeting new people. when i find a site or a blog that i think i'd like to link into a post here, i put it in a favorites folder - this week was a recordbreaker - i added 15 new links - hence the current inspiration overload!

*the cool art journal pages in this rediscovered daily read
*fun clothing comments (found from how about orange) - love love the macrame and fond memories of the 70's, but thank goodness the fashion has improved - mom, i hate for you that you were my age in that fashion backward decade!
*a link from katie for a yarn store in ny that reminded me about this very cool felted bag from cathy zielske and made me think i might make this my chicago plane project
*another audrey fan (who would think about a scrapbook page celebrating our favorite screen idol - just too cool!)
*a new blog that i found visiting comments for this daily read...i'm in the general affection stage, i think
*another artistic blog - linked from ali - and i think i spent at least an hour going through her weekly art, loving this one with poppies...and i purchased pencil crayons this morning with my michaels 40% off coupon. looking forward to using them with my journal
*played around with this build your own radio website, called pandora...currently playing my very own billy joel radio and i know it's too cool because when i'm logged into the hewitt network, it's a blocked site - so only to enjoy on my 'not work' time :-)
*montmarte's sketchbook and candace meyer and simplyphoto (thanks to mav at port2port)
*more interesting web connections - the sisters who wrote visual chronicles (that's the book that gave me the idea about days and 'things' having colors) have a brother who's an author...he wrote the mr monk books that sara loves
*comparing the yarn harlot's trip to new york with katie's (beware, many many photos, but what a love story with a city!)
*helping sara get ready for her learner's permit test on tuesday
*plain ol' fun and photo inspiration...
*and my flickr site (patience, just getting started :-)

so - now i need to weed through it all, clean up and organize - thank goodness i have tomorrow and no plans other than a nice long run, the carwash and maybe some scrapbooking. sara will be busy studying for tuesday's test...

finally - hello to karen, jillian, polly and roy who are in st augustine for a long weekend and safe travels to my brother steve and his family who are visiting my parents later in the week.

Monday, March 26, 2007

i married a ten.

so - starting backwards - marc is a ten. he was gone for many days...during which the master bathroom shower started dripping and wouldn't stop, it got unbearably hot upstairs and down, and the freezer stopped freezing. it got so bad that i lost sleep...drip, drip, ....dr...i...p.... and today i finally decided to unload the freezer to the garage backup, spilled a bag of frozen berries on the kitchen rug and chance of course saw his chance and licked it up... and made many many red and blue spots and then licked my shorts and made more red and blue spots.

my home was not my zen place by today.

but it turned around. because marc is a ten. on a scale of one to ten - a ten means electricity, running water and gas - things that can turn really bad in amateur hands. (i'm a 0.5 - can hang pictures if it's not a complex pattern). he purchased plumbing parts on the way home from work, knew to (and how to) turn off the water and fixed the shower. said it was the original 'piece' (i know it has a name, but i can't remember what it is) from when we moved in... 21 years ago! and he cleaned out the coils behind the freezer and it's already dropped a few degrees and is well on its way to recovery. yeah! oh - and he turned on the ceiling fans - even remembering to reverse the blades so the air goes the right way. 3/27/07 edited to add - freezer is at 16 degrees... not good...maybe it won't recover, but i can't imagine that's marc's issue!

my only contribution to the mess - oxyclean - miracle cleaner! wiped up those red and blue spots on the rug in no time. the spots on my shorts took a bit longer, but still - they're clean now! i bought a tub of the miracle cleaner to celebrate. does anyone else remember when sara was obsessed with the oxyclean commercials (on the food network?) that girl knew!

so - i obviously recognized a critical flaw in my own makeup (dialing for help - or noting a need for help - is my limit) and found marc. i get 20 points for having good judgment.

on a lighter note - sunday did have a few good highlights:
donna and karen playing tennis - i'm thinking i am the bad luck charm - they were down a set, but coming back in the 2nd when i had to leave. karen called later to report a win (in 3 sets) - they won those last two sets handily - 6-3 and 6-2 i think. go farmers!

beauty and the beast - roswell high spring choral performance, simply wonderful. makes you realize how cool it is that we live in an area where kids can excel at so many different things. the singing, dancing, musical and comedic talent at that school is amazing (in addition to what we already know about academic, creative and sports talent!) b&tb is one of sara's (and my and katie's?) favorite disney productions ever - and this production will rate right up there as one of the most memorable.

(Sara loved the cheese grater; I insisted on no flash - nice for the players, no? - so a bit blurry - Katie needs to give me photo-lessons!)

katie finally made it home from her long weekend in new york city (technically this is a monday highlight i think, but that's her blog posting!) to houston (sugarland) for a business meeting tomorrow - and sara's final tennis match of the season is wednesday. counting down til spring break ... 4....


Sunday, March 25, 2007


spring is finally here! the tree in the backyard is full purple now, and the jasmine is just starting to bloom, too (can you see the little bits of yellow?) sunshine and warm weather never fail to cheer me up. i ran in the park yesterday for the first time this year - i only run in shorts and a t-shirt, so when it's cold (or rainy) i'm stuck inside on the treadmill. and i love watching the food network, but the run outside is a different kind of fun. there are people and dogs and nature and my ipod.

anticipating the outside run, i completely overhauled my ipod. deleted everything and added back just what i wanted. then i had sara make a playlist from what i'd added - and her only comment was 'mom, where's life is a picture?' (song from the end of the o.c.) so I added that one this morning and created a fun playlist of her shuffle (which i'm listening to now and really enjoying - i didn't take the two songs that embarrassed her :-) ...and every so often i wonder is it weird that a 44 year old has the same taste in music as a 15 year old, or a 20 year old? maybe not exactly the same - i do have a lot of andrea bocelli, but so does katie, and cecilia bartoli, and chicago - but similar enough to make music a fun thing for us to share.

so - recharging this weekend - really needed it. picked sara up from the bus on friday afternoon and headed to target for a new season of friends (all of the seasons on sale for $19.99 each - seemed like a good deal for this house since we love love that show!) sara picked season 6 - the one that ends with monica and chandler getting engaged. and we bought snack-y food for dinner - and just chilled and watched about 8 episodes before we fell asleep on the couch. we love doing that.

yesterday was totally fun, just for us, no school, no work, no chores (meaning today seems pretty hectic!) i spent some time on-line looking for new inspirations:

*this site - a blog from the writers of Grey's Anatomy (for sara who wants to be a tv writer - but i just checked the link and maybe it's my laptop, but i can't see any of the posts...i know they were there when i found the site originally?)

*this blog posting - for the layouts at the bottom - i have some of those papers in my stash and i like the idea of using just a single photo on the page, but so far my pages seem to be way more pictures and much less of everything else!

*ali edwards' autism speaks badge - this is a very cool idea from kevin bacon - earlier this week ali's was in 2nd place, but she's moved ahead and seems to have a lead that will be hard to beat. and i love that she posted instructions for a mini-book. which i will have to do eventually!

*this tutorial (thank you oh joy! and jessica jones) on fabric-covered thumb tacks - how cool is that? another thing i'll need to do eventually - of course i no longer have fabric scraps, so i'll have to buy some and the thumb tacks will probably end up costing me $1.00 each!

*moleskinerie - i got waylaid here for a good hour plus. i totally love the whole idea of a 'culture' built around these journals. continue to be amazed at how much 'stuff' is going on in the world that i just had no idea about.... check out this cool journal page (i used to have her blog in my favorites list and i'm not sure why i let it go... i added it back)

*and in honor of my friend francie who lives in and completely loves portland (have to say we agree with her about the loving part!) this very cool flower shop (again thanks to oh joy!)

then sara had an alta match (she played well, but the other girl was better)

later we went to see reign over me (good movie, but not our usual chick flick - needed another 8 episodes of friends to recover!) and we made california blt's from ina garten's barefoot contessa at home. yummy! (we did modify the mayonnaise by adding just a bit of pesto - neither of us could stand the thought of a sandwich with just plain mayo - ugh!) and we had sorbet and frozen fruit for dessert.

also keeping up with the ncaa tournament. my bracket got clobbered last weekend when i had texas and boston college in the elite eight. and i had memphis playing florida for the championship. marc and sara are still in good shape, but one of them will lose out today - sara's picked georgetown and marc's got unc.

in closing - the azaleas are in full bloom in the backyard:

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Thursday, March 22, 2007


One of my favorite things about living in Hembree Farms is our wonderful bookclub. We started in January 2000 with Memoirs of a Geisha. We've lost a few members when they moved away, but we've added new ones - and we're still going strong! There aren't any real rules about our group. The books aren't supposed to be 'deep'. We have wine and snacks and lots of really good discussion. I love how we all bring different perspectives and experiences to the discussions. And I've read some amazing books. That I probably wouldn't have ever picked on my own.

Patty hosted last night. She's picked Beautiful Dreamer by Christopher Bigsby. (the host always picks the book for the upcoming month). Last month, Shari hosted and she picked The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. So last night Shari led the discussion. I had to leave before we got too far, but it seemed unanimous that we were all amazed at how those two terrible parents could've had children who loved them and turned out ok.

I'm hosting in April and need to find a good book. My last pick wasn't very popular (The Eyre Affair), so I have to overcome that. Lots of pressure for something really good. Please share suggestions. Good thing I'm on vacation for Spring Break. Plenty of time for reading.

Here are few more photos I took last night:

beautiful table!

beautiful ladies!

Shari's in charge of the discussion

lively discussion (can you tell everyone likes to talk at the same time :-)

Try this link to access all the photos ->

Off today to play with Katie. Shopping, lunch (Bistro VG) and then the airport. Her flight to New York leaves at 4:45. Then a quick visit with my friends Lynn and Francie, picking up Sara from school (biology study session - big test tomorrow - swear her life seems to revolve around biology tests these days!) and then an evening of scrapbooking - have the bookclub photos and hopefully lunch with Katie to play with. Can't wait. ...and people ask me what I'll do when I retire in a few years. I'm not worried one bit about staying busy!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

a winning streak!

Ok - I read on someone's blog that a post without pictures was pitiful. And I've already had a few picture-less ones, and I don't want this to be another, so - thank you, Martha Stewart for this inspiration! tulips welcome anytime, I think! (please note I did find a wonderful picture of flowers in the White House-Black Market catalog that arrived today, but no luck finding those flowers on-line!)

...the battery in my camera died today (it lasted 4+ weeks so I'm really pleased), but until it recharges, I won't download my great lunch pictures...a post for tomorrow.

Quickly, Sara won her tennis match today! yeah!!! She lost the first set 5-7, and it was getting dark so they shortened the 2nd set to 'first one who wins by two'. That was Sara - 2-0. So a 10 point 'super tie-breaker' that Sara won 12-10. I think parts of my body are still tense from the stress. But way to go, Sara! The team has one more match to play next Wednesday and then the season is over. Way back in January it seemed like such a long time, but now I see how quickly the time has passed. Wow (and very glad I've been to all the matches but one).

More journal inspiration - from an entry last week that I've since reviewed with Katie, Sara and Marc - it has potential for being good!

So - I discovered (embarrassed to say just a few weeks ago!) that Katie is a wonderful writer. She strings words together to create truly beautiful thoughts and ideas. And I was thinking how cool it would be to have such a gift and talent...and then I thought about how I had no talent that way...which then led to a wonderfully liberating list of the "things I'm not going to be good at" and a quick corollary "things I am good at or could be better at".

Not good at (aka 'letting go is liberating'):
golf, tennis, painting, drawing, gardening, travel, non-fiction, sewing, playing the piano

Good at or could be better at - (aka 'where I'm going to spend my time'):
baking - cookies, cupcakes, muffins
french - yes, the language - I would like to read the Paris Vogue and go to Paris....
depression glass
knitting, felting
scrapbook/art journal
photography - maybe digital photos, photoshop?
music - classical, jazz, french cafe
handwriting (one thing when you keep a handwritten journal like I've started - very nice to be able to actually read what you've written!)
writing letters

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Sunday, March 18, 2007


this is the view out my back door - can you see the pink flowers just starting to come out - spring is coming!

busy busy weekend. did get the winter/spring stuff swapped out in the house yesterday:


...loving the birdnest arrangement on the dining room table. here's a closeup:

got my clothes swapped out, too (thanks to katie for the help with editing what to keep and folding two drawers of t-shirts!)

after sara's alta match (ugh, another loss - kid is on a bad streak and it needs to change...soon!) katie and i joined the sheffields and cicios for mexican - rancho grande - our usual birthday meeting place. took a few photos, but none of us all together.

followed by the obligatory starbucks trip - and i noticed the labels on the bagged coffee are really cool:
(what a fun job some team has making these up!)
then katie and i went to karen's for a mega-scrapping with the book she's making for megan - we made about 10 double page spreads (8x8 format goes fast!) and had a ball:

got home about 6:45 (yikes, out late for me on a sunday!) and i made the chickpea soup and biscotti for dinner.
posting this and then to bed - busy week ahead, too!



My response to Katie's A-Z list from Friday night...

Addictions - hmm... good tv shows, but I guess those are more like obsessions
By this time next year, I I'll be a sophomore
Challenge: Current challenges are getting good grades and staying on task
Daydreaming about: summer
Ella Minnow Pea--what's your favorite letter? uhh, s? because sara starts with s?
Fondest Memory: ones from camp
Go forth and... run?
Hella sweet: uhh, i don't know. good music.
Indulgence: mm cheesecake
Jealous about people who... have a really laid-back attitude about school
Kindness is: showing respect towards someone just because
Listen to this advice: relax.
Ma mere est: (my mom is...) amazing.
Never tell me: something that is degrading?
On the nightstand: no nightstand
Perfect day would be: Saturday
Quotation I just can't get out of my head: "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." -Unknown
Retreat: Horse Shoe, NC for three weeks every summer
Story I love to hear: scary stories
Ticket stub I'd want: to California
Underneath it all: ?? Victoria Secret cotton panties, as well
Vision--in ten years, I want... to be happy and successful
Wish I could: be better at tennis
X-favorite anything: color - blue
You are least -- ...likely to be
Zero is the number of: times I've watched an O.C. episode since it ended (if I remember correctly)


Saturday, March 17, 2007

saturday plans.

Couldn't sleep and was up on-line by 5:00 - spent two hours catching up on what I missed at work yesterday afternoon and now feel better prepared for Monday - but worth missing the Saturday morning sleep in? not sure....

Had so much fun with Katie and Sara last night. Sitting around the kitchen table - two laptops checking out blog-land, two r+h agendas, cross-stitching, alphabet stamps, art school catalogs, ipod (instead of tv). not much for regret, but I wish I'd taken a picture!

Find myself with no real plans for the day - so unusual - would like to get my closet cleaned out, switch out winter to spring decor and get to Harry's for fresh fruit and vegetables - the weather has taken a chilly turn and I'm thinking vegetable soup might be a good thing to make.

Found this link on the Yarn Harlot's blog for some cool knitting/NY things - maybe Katie can check out a few next week?

...and my responses to the latest list:
Addictions - lately, the internet - can't do with my daily checkin with blog-land
By this time next year, katie and i will have taken a wonderful trip (to napa, ny?) to celebrate her 21st birthday and sara will be driving a lot
Challenge: staying focused on what's important
Daydreaming about: spring, updating my ipod
Ella Minnow Pea--what's your favorite letter? this is hard - a? like that it's the beginning, can sound different - like aaayyyy or aaaahhhh
Fondest Memory: too many to choose just one! summer beach trips, christmas morning (this past year was particularly nice)
Go forth and...create something
Hella sweet: dark chocolate
Indulgence: fine red wine
Jealous about people who...have artistic talent
Kindness is: helping someone feel good about herself
Listen to this advice: never be afraid to be yourself
Ma mere est: full of interesting stories and i'm so glad i'm getting to know her as a grown-up!
Never tell me: an excuse
On the nightstand: mac lipcreme, aveeno hand relief, Glass Castle, a coaster
Perfect day would be: sunny, warm, with my family
Quotation I just can't get out of my head: the most wasted of all days is one without laughter, e e cummings
Retreat: seacrest beach florida, for one full week every summer
Story I love to hear: anything by brian andreas
Ticket stub I'd want: a cool trip with marc for our 25th anniversary in 2008
Underneath it all:victoria secret cotton panties
Vision--in ten years, I want... katie and sara to be happy in their careers
Wish I could:take better pictures
X-favorite anything:flower - pink tulips
You are least -- ...likely to be called lazy
Zero is the number of: times i went on the treadmill this week

Friday, March 16, 2007

apple to zebra deux

By this time next year,...
Daydreaming about:
Ella Minnow Pea--what's your favorite letter?
Fondest Memory:
Go forth and...
Hella sweet:
Jealous about people who...
Kindness is:
Listen to this advice:
Ma mere est:
Never tell me:
On the nightstand:
Perfect day would be:
Quotation I just can't get out of my head:
Story I love to hear:
Ticket stub I'd want:
Underneath it all:
Vision--in ten years, I want...
Wish I could:
X-favorite anything:
You are least -- ...
Zero is the number of:

love, me.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

question quizzes. sara's answers.

1. What is your occupation? student. unfortunately
2. What color are your socks right now? barefoot
3. What are you listening to right now? gross FOX ads (yuck!!)
4. What was the last thing that you ate? mexican food
5. Can you drive a stick shift? i can't drive at all
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? turquoise, like the sky
7.. Last person you spoke to on the telephone? um, my mom
8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? you know, i guess (just kidding)
9. How old are you today?15
10. Favorite drink: maybe water. who knows
11. What is your favorite sport to watch? baseball
12. Have you ever dyed your hair? all natural
13. Pets? Chance
14. Favorite food? cheesecake. yumm
15. What was the last movie you watched? about 10 minutes of as good as it gets in health
16. Favorite day of the year?any day during the summer
17. Least favorite day of the year? first day of school i guess
18. What was your favorite toy as a child? i don't know and it wasn't even that long ago
19. Favorite season? summer
20. Hugs or Kisses? both
21. Cherry or Blueberry? blueberry
22. Do you want your friends to email you back? yes
23. Who is most likely to respond? i don't know
24. Who is least likely? i don't know
25. Living arrangements? my room in my house
26. What's on the floor of your closet? crap
27. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to? i don't think i'm sending this to anyone
28. What did you do last night? homework and then about 2 hours on the computer - it was wonderful
29. Favorite smell? vanilla?
30. What inspires you? my friends, family, what i can become, etc.
31. What are you afraid of? failure
32. Favorite kind of hamburger? medium to medium rare. lettuce. cheese. ketchup.
33. Favorite vehicle? i don't know range rover?
34. Favorite dog breed? labs
35. Number of keys on your key ring? 1- to the house
36. How many years at your current job?as a student, it's been 10 including kindergarten
37. Favorite day of the week? saturday
38. How many states/countries have you lived in? 1 GA
39. Favorite holiday? thanksgiving because of the food, probably
40. Ever driven a motorcycle or heavy machinery? no

2nd one from elsie flannigan's blog a beautiful mess (and I didn't keep my answers...):
A= Available ~ yes
B= Best Friend ~ rachel and sara and katura
C= Cake or pie ~ pie
D= Drink of choice ~ water
E= Essential item you use everyday ~ glasses or contacts
F= Favorite color ~ blue
G= Gummy bears or worms ~ both (it's the same thing)
H= Hometown ~ roswell, ga
I= Indulgences ~ yumm dessert
J= January or February ~ january?
K= Kids and Names ~ (no stealing!) for girls: madison, kate ... for boys: i don't know
L= Life is incomplete without? dreams
M= Marriage date ~ sometime in the future
N= Number of siblings ~ 1
O= Oranges or apples ~ apples (not as sticky!)
P= Phobias or Fears ~ failure, embarassment, public bathrooms, etc.
Q= Favorite Quote ~ "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." -Unknown
R= Reason to smile ~ The O.C. (usually Marissa's stupid antics), friends, family, etc.
S= Season ~ summer
T= Tag 3 or 4 people ~ :(
U= Unknown fact about me ~(what is the point of it being an unknown fact if it is about to revealed for anyone who comes across this??) I can name every single O.C. episode in order and name at least three things that happened in that episode and most likely at least one song that played during that episode, and, if you're lucky, when that song played
V= Vegetable you don't like ~ radish
W= Worst habit ~ getting sidetracked (haha)
X= X-rays ~ many on mouth/jaw/teeth
Y= Your favorite food ~ cheesecake
Z= Zodiac Sign ~ scorpio
and the 3rd one Katie developed based on her a to z journal - here's the quiz and my answers (dated 2/12/07):

>Alarm Clock: my mom
>Biggest Challenge: learning to overcome past fears and succeeding in school and in general
>Childhood Ambition: to be a teacher at some point (don't ask)
>Daily Mantra: relax
>Even when... i'm really nervous
>Favorite author/book: i don't know
>Given a hundred dollars, I would... buy 3 seasons of friends (probably seasons 4, 9, and 6)
>How are you inspired? by people around me, the idea of being successful and fulfilling my aspirations
>I take my coffee/tea with... i don't drink coffee or tea
>Joke I always tell: i don't really tell jokes
>Know-it-all about: The O.C. Ask me anything.
>Last purchase: i don't know/remember
>My best days are... summer days
>Number of magazine subscriptions: 1 - Teen Vogue, but it's all I need
>Oddity...? I wash my hands a lot. Does that count?
>Picture you love the most? me jumping at the clearwater beach, me and katie together in december '06
>Quirky habit: like an oddity? see oddity.
>Restaurant--favorite thing to order: i don't know - sometimes it's just whatever i'm in the mood for
>Soundtrack I live by: I could probably listen to The O.C. Seasons 1-4 for a reaaaaally long time.
>Traveling--if I could hop on a plane now... I'd go to Europe or California or New York or Florida
>Utopias: (is this like a paradise?) <>Voice you love the most (this a hard one): as in singer? imogen heap as an amazing voice and i like patrick park's voice a lot right now, as well
>Wildest dream: to fly
>Xenophile? (does this mean liking foreign cultures?) <>Your favorite place? camp
Zen place? hmm. don't know. someplace quiet where i can just do nothing and relax.


question quizzes.

Sara and I had a fun dinner out - totally spur of the moment - Marc called to say he was just finishing golf and would get his own dinner and Sara has manageable homework (for once!) El Porton here we come! While we waited and ate, we enjoyed the [Bracketology] article and bracket on the ajc living front page - we also ended up with MLK and Coke in our final two, but we picked MLK...

...anyway, we got to talking about other brackets we could do - episodes of the O.C. (yes, Sara's pick), songs (my pick), TV shows (my pick)...and a few other ideas - places, books, food, .... could be inspired!

and then I mentioned the 'question quizzes' that Katie and I had done a few weeks ago. And Sara was totally into it and begging to respond. So I said I'd post them here for all to see and respond to {leave it up to Katie if she wants to post her previous answers, too}

We have three quizzes:

First one originated from Lisa Rogovin-Payne (Marc's sister) - she sent this to Katie so I didn't respond originally - my answers are posted below:

1. What is your occupation? i get paid to be a benefits delivery manager, but i think my jobs as mother and wife are really what I 'do'
2. What color are your socks right now?wearing just slippers
3. What are you listening to right now?champagne super nova
4. What was the last thing that you ate?nachos deluxe, no beef extra lettuce, too many chips
5. Can you drive a stick shift?who, me?
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?pink - a very happy color, and lots of flowers
7.. Last person you spoke to on the telephone.marc
8. Do you like the person who sent this to you?n/a
9. How old are you today?44
10. Favorite drink:tie between fine red wine and marc's coffee
11. What is your favorite sport to watch?golf (really, honestly i promise!)
12. Have you ever dyed your hair?who, me?
13. Pets?just one (now) Chance
14. Favorite food?steak, salad, roasted asparagus, mussels
15. What was the last movie you watched?last half of breakfast at tiffany's with sara last weekend - can't remember the last full movie i saw
16. Favorite day of the year?any day during the summer
17. Least favorite day of the year?a rainy monday in november, or february
18. What was your favorite toy as a child? ??
19. Favorite season? summer
20. Hugs or Kisses?kisses!
21. Cherry or Blueberry?blueberry
22. Do you want your friends to email you back?sure!
23. Who is most likely to respond?sara
24. Who is least likely?probably katie - she's already done it
25. Living arrangements?'small' house in roswell - where i've grown up - will be 22 years here this year
26. What's on the floor of your closet?shoe boxes and my vera bradley duffel bag collection
27. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to? ?? maybe karen
28. What did you do last night?watched american idol *hangs head in shame* :-)
29. Favorite smell?salt water at the beach
30. What inspires you?my life and the wonderful people my children are becoming
31. What are you afraid of?s....n....a....k....e....s
32. Favorite kind of hamburger?very rare, with blue cheese, lettuce and tomato
33. Favorite vehicle?the car i'm driving now - 2005? mercedes e320 love love it!
34. Favorite dog breed?lab or something small enough to fit into a purse
35. Number of keys on your key ring?6 - car,house,3 for work and one to my golf locker that i haven't used in over a year
36. How many years at your current job?24 (in june)
37. Favorite day of the week?friday
38. How many states/countries have you lived in?ga, tx, wy, nj, ga (5 states) one country
39. Favorite holiday?christmas
40. Ever driven a motorcycle or heavy machinery?who, me?

2nd one from elsie flannigan's blog a beautiful mess (and I didn't keep my answers...):

A= Available
B= Best Friend
C= Cake or pie
D= Drink of choice
E= Essential item you use everyday
F= Favorite color
G= Gummy bears or worms
H= Hometown
I= Indulgences
J= January or February
K= Kids and Names
L= Life is incomplete without?
M= Marriage date
N= Number of siblings
O= Oranges or apples
P= Phobias or Fears
Q= Favorite Quote
R= Reason to smile
S= Season
T= Tag 3 or 4 people
U= Unknown fact about me
V= Vegetable you don't like
W= Worst habit
X= X-rays
Y= Your favorite food
Z= Zodiac Sign

and the 3rd one Katie developed based on her a to z journal - here's the quiz and my answers (dated 2/12/07):

>Alarm Clock: Big ugly cd player - I hear the cd start to spin and I wake up most days before the music even starts; currently playing Jim Brickman, but had Elvis Costello in for a while, soundtrack from Somethings got to give and a few Andrea Bocelli cds
>Biggest Challenge: staying focused on what's important
>Childhood Ambition: don't remember! maybe to be like my dad?
>Daily Mantra: (at work) it's not like we're doing brain surgery or putting men on the moon {how hard can it really be...or why is this so hard?}
>Even when... i get copied on multiple bad news emails from senior client contacts
>Favorite author/book: HARD one, so many good ones! JK Rowling - #3 or #5
>Given a hundred dollars, I would... buy a new pair of shoes
>How are you inspired? by Katie, by magazines, by spending time with myself running
>I take my coffee/tea with... skim milk
>Joke I always tell: how do you top a car - 'tep on da brake, 'tupid!:-)
>Know-it-all about (or would love to be one about): would love to be know it all about wine, photography
>Last purchase: colored pens for Jillian's b-day (to go with the stationeryI got her)
>My best days are... sunny ones where I get a lot accomplished...or where I spendtime with people I love...or when I get to have a nap...
>Number of magazine subscriptions: 5? (Gourmet, Bon Appetit, In Style, More, Southern Living, but there seem to be so many more magazines than that - what amI forgetting?)
>Oddity...? much to pick from - I like to heat our thermal coffeepot overnight with hot water so the brewed coffee stays hot longer?
>Picture you love the most? currently loving the funny shot of Katie and Sara- very silly - taken while we were going for our 2006 holiday photo {Katie put it in the frame on my desk}
>Quirky habit: like to take off my jewelry when I get home - not the earrings,just the rings and bracelets; oh- and I have to triple check that I have my keysbefore I lock the garage door!>Restaurant--favorite thing to order: lately mussels, but usually fried calamari
>Soundtrack I live by: I love Andrea Bocelli for "concentrating", butvarious mix CDs from Sara when I'm not working; I also love Summer Highland Falls by Billy Joel because it reminds me of Katie's senior year and Traveling Prayer by Billy Joel because it reminds me of one summer in college - I once told Karen that I imagined my entire life as BJ soundtrack, and I think that's true,but I like some other stuff now too
>Traveling--if I could hop on a plane now... so I really don't like to travel- I guess this means if I did - I've got to think I'd head to a beach someplace
>Utopias: I think my life is pretty good right now - not thinking anything else could be more perfect
>Voice you love the most (this a hard one): spoken word - James Earl Jones; song- tie between Luciano Pavarotti (sp?) and Andrea Bocelli - different takes on my favorite sounds...
>Wildest dream: that I can fly
>Xenophile? yes - strange because I don't really like to travel, but I am so intrigued by anything Italian, French or English (not so much China, Japan, Korea....)
>Your favorite place? my home
>Zen place? ditto - lately!


Monday, March 12, 2007

mere's ipod

Ok - so I just remembered that Katie told me yesterday the date/time on your blog posting is from when you start it, not when you post it... and I found this wonderful post from Sara that she started a few days ago.

In response - and yes, posting for all to see and comment on (be nice to me, remember how old I am!) - here's my shuffle list:
  1. Warning Sign by Coldplay (this is really the first song - I didn't skip one)
  2. Let the Good Times Roll by Ray Charles
  3. Swing, Swing by The All-American Rejects
  4. I've Got A Woman by Ray Charles (hummm....much more Ray Charles than my listening experience would indicate)
  5. Kikuchiyo To Mohshima by Pink Martini
  6. I Turn My Camera On by Rock Kills Kid
  7. I've Got A Crush On You by Steve Tyrell
  8. The World's Fair by Ashton Allen
  9. Philosophy (Inc Misirlou) by Ben Folds
  10. Hallelujah I Love Her So by Ray Charles
  11. The Great Wall of China by Billy Joel (now considering how much BJ I have on the iPod, crazy that this is the first song...)
  12. Supernatural by Ashton Allen (ditto the Ray Charles Comment here too)

I'm not embarrassed by any of these (actually pleasantly surprised about that!), but seems like I might need to clean up my iPod too...and hoping I get a few new playlists from Katie next week (hint, hint?!)


Sunday, March 11, 2007

fun with my new stuff.

The day got off to a late start - I lose my hour during the day, not at night! So it was after 10 by the time I'd had coffee and a run. Then the car wash, Harry's, lunch and it was after 2 by the time I got to the scrapbook enjoy some of the many new goodies I've acquired since December - here are a few that I used on my Beaufort pages (see below).

Swirl and flower stamps, new Basicgrey paper (Phoebe), acrylic paints and flower punches. I started by pulling out the new things I wanted to use - it was a very big pile - and after I played with the photos and the paper, I got the pile down to something manageable. Here's the finished product:

I really like using the acrylic paints - they show up well on the paper and the photos and I like the messiness. My style is still very linear, but I think the acrylic and stamps make it seem a bit less stiff. Thoughts? Oh, and I love the chipboard letters - on this page, the B in Beaufort is chipboard and I painted it brown and then stamped pink images...some of the same ones I used on the rest of the page. Very cool, huh?

The weekend really flew by... Sara is off school tomorrow and I know the extra day will be good for her/my sanity! Busy week ahead with dentist appt, tennis practices and a match, and Katie coming home for Spring Break on Friday. Yeah!

Oh - update on Chance - Marc took out the stitches by himself - dog was still without anyone holding him down (thank goodness! and what a good dog!) Then Marc and Chance had a shower, got rid of TONS of dog hair (but still TONS left) and we've been experimenting with having the 'hood' off. Even after 11 days, Chance hasn't forgotten how to lick, so I think we'll have to keep the hood on a little longer.

Going to leave comments on Katie's post and then call it a night...have a feeling 4:30 a.m. will seem awfully early tomorrow!


Saturday, March 10, 2007

with my grande zen.

sitting at starbucks now, too chilly to sit outside since the Biltmore seems to block all the sunlight down 5th, but I got the last small table...and here are the things:

Have now requested information/books from twenty art schools/programs. Favorites so far are Pratt Institue (ny), California College of the Arts (sf and oakland), Parsons New School for Design (ny), SCAD (savannah, jo-ja), School of Visual Arts (ny), RISD, School of Art Institute of Chicago, RIT (suprisingly has a pretty good art program...but not so sure about rochester), and OTIS College of Art and Design (la). Eh, can't help but notice that those + the others are on opposite sides of the country...sort of stretching up and down California and then making the 3000 mile leap to New York (and a little of New England).

Read through the very very cool book I got from the School of Visual Arts (I pretty much get a package a day...)--will share next weekend--and took some notes and jotted down some phrases that could potentially be inspiring for an application essay or a letter of interest:
'emphasis on conceptual problem solving based on visual literacy, technological skills, solid grounding in aesthetic formalism', 'frames your thinking in the context of social/political issues', 'passion for art', 'potential for growth', 'serious commitment', 'quality of thinking', 'daring: willing to start in the void and work my way out', 'approaches to problem solving--work with engineering', 'unique thinking, creative voice', 'change the way I see.', 'culture', 'self-discovery', 'pursue your muse', 'tired definitions and conventions', 'push limits' ,'powerful thinking'. I really hope that one day not too far away I can play on all of these things. Can't wait to talk about everyting that I've been thinking and considering. I'm ready to push myself to think differently, and to pursue my muse--ready for this passion to grow into something real.
--lately, have added the following to my 'go exploring' bookmarks tab (these sites are bookmarked on a trial basis...they must earn the 'je t'aime' bookmark tab) (on this site, the author eireann has just published a book of poems entitled 'music for landing planes by'; thought it was worth looking into after reading one of hers:

I myself am hell/ Nobody’s here
Robert Lowell, “Skunk Hour”

What search goes on goes on across distances;
you say the word selectman
as if it is nothing, Atlantic’s far side
crashing into your history: I’ve left
all that behind now. Body
being what it is, frantic, knowing
cellular breakdown, basis of all things,
I am still longing spread
across tarmac and railroad. Today
the train had no heat, I hunched
in jacket and corner and drew
faces from memory. Hands trill
like birds, motors, how after drought
earth almost shakes to take in all it can
of rain. Not knowing
breaks all into pieces, I gather half-hours
one by one to pass the day. Will there ever
be another hand touching
me? No could be, glass
splintering on tile floor, bones
without song in them. I want
black hair curling by a wry face; fear
I have left second place behind
in vain, an anxious wind hurrying me every wrong direction.

(she wrote: '...not from the books; from the daily exercises with my friend'; I would love to find a book that had daily writing promts--even if my writing never goes anywhere academically or 'career-y,' I would love to get better and push and stretch myself in different ways...constantly feel very inspired to write (not for anybody, just for me) by Jonathan Safran Foer) (used to read this one; am giving it a second chance...can't remember why it was un-bookmarked in the first place) (none of the blogs I read are too funny, mostly about scrapping or crafting or designing--filled with inspiring and delicious stories, but nothing funny...thought I should give this one a chance after reading the subtitle--'ART. FOOD. LIT. MUSIC. SEX. TRAVEL. THINK, DAMN IT...THINK.' hello--me? ...and after reading this little blurb (and, er, sorry about the language...but it's Bukowski):

Last night I dreamt that I was having a discussion about poetry with Charles Bukowski. My poetry. His poetry. Truth, intent, the unconscious and fucking.

As is natural in a dream state, we were sitting around a 50’s pink Formica table that I have not owned in many years, in the bright yellow kitchen on the top floor of a 1920’s restored hotel-cum-Hollywood apartment that I moved out of a long time ago. Type written pages papered the floor.

The conversation went something like this:

Bukowski: You know, your writing isn’t half bad - but for heaven’s sake – can’t you write about something other than love?

Me: Why? You never found the need to write about anything other than fucking –

Bukowski: I wrote about plenty of topics other than fucking…

Me: No you didn’t. You wrote about drinking, landlords, racetracks, women with generous backsides – you were changing the proper nouns but you still fucked them all… Pages upon pages of verbal intercourse with bottles, with whores, with horses, with back alleys, with regrets…

Bukowski: You’re certainly not suffering from any lack of opinions. The only true story is the one you already know - maybe all your talk of love is what’s keeping you from nailing your words to the paper – maybe you should try writing about fucking too.

Me: Please don't go all Raymond Carver on me.

Me: Oh, and fuck you.

Bukowski: Do you want to…?

Me: Not likely. I’m going to keep me pants on and stick with love for now. (oh, un tres beau my french getting worse? yes. I will be trilingual. English. French. Spanish.)

...can't wait to add more!

been finding myself in a jazz place lately, and am digging:
enrico pieranuzi + paul motian, art blakey and the messengers, brad mehldau, john zorn, medeski martin + wood, cannonball adderley, art tatum, charlie parker, eric dolphy. --think we should 'back up' this blog maybe in a year--idea courtesy of soulemama.

on my out-of-hand multi-tasking reading habit: am also looking forward to picking up God In Search Of Man: A Philosophy of Judaism by Abraham Joshua Heschel whenever The History of Love doesn't feel quite right:
"It is customary to blame secular science and anti-religious philosophy for the eclipse of religion in modern society. It would be more honest to blame religion for its own defeats. Religion declined not because it was refuted, but because it became irrelevant, dull, oppressive, insipid. When faith is completely replaced by creed, worship by discipline, love by habit; when the crisis of today is ignored because of the splendor of the past; when faith becomes an heirloom rather than a living fountain; when religion speaks only in the name of an authority rather than with the voice of compassion--its message becomes meaningless.
Religion is an answer to man's ultimate questions. The moment we become oblivious to ultimate questions, religion becomes irrelevant, and its crisis sets in. The primary task of philosophy of religion is to rediscover the questions to which religion is an answer. The inquiry must proceed both by delving into the consciousness of man as well as by delving into the teachings and attitudes of the religious tradition.
There are dead thoughts and there are living thoughts. A dead thought has been compared to a stone which one may plant in the soil. Nothing will come out. A living thought is like a seed. In the process of thinking, an answer without a question is devoid of life. It may enter the mind; it will not penetrate the soul. It may become a part of one's knowledge; it will not come forth as a creative force."
On another Jewish side-note, Bee Season has been on HBO a few times, and I'm finding myself obsessed. Must read the book, even if it's not as good as the movie--is this possible?
(New York set coming soon?)

Haven fallen in love with Tim Walker's work; thank you, Kat Heyes. (even realized one of the Vogue tear-outs on my wall is his...the woman walking with the giant red sunglasses.)

Things we should do, because they will be good.
Write a 32-thing list. (
30 Day photo challenge...take one photo worth looking at each day, and post.
Make our own 'Dares.' We can post one a week--or every other week--alternating. And then we'll each make an art-journal or scrapbook page based on the dare. ( Am crazy about this idea--and can't wait. I'll be thinking of the first dare, and will post by tomorrow. Think one every two weeks sounds perfect, can you swing it?

Am going to dinner tonight at Einstein's--have really been trying to save, but haven't been out with the the girls in over a month or two I don't think.
portabello and brie melt, or the mussels (what do we think of red broth), or the tilapia sandwich, or the pecan chicken salad--saw Martha and Paula have a debate about 'peh-caahhhn' vs. 'peeeee-can!' the other day...are you a pecahhhn? I am. I am a pecahhhhn,
seeerUP, vaahhhze, 'i'ther, 'ni'ther kind of girl.

something else I wrote:
on a summer peach:
the dark wooden pit--entangling knots and spots of juicy feathered flesh still sitting on his chin as he looks up at the sleeping starry sky with his long curled eyelashes and fourth of july eyes

(by peter fischli and david artists who know.)

I will follow this.

love, katie.

Come On! Do The Shuffle!

Most of the blogs I read are music blogs (i guess i'm floating, Silly Pipe Dreams, etc.), unlike my mom and sister, who seem to mostly check out those artsy, personal going ons of people's lives blogs. So why not combine the two? My thoughts exactly. Got this idea from Silly Pipe Dreams, and I thought it would be fun, and at the time it was the perfect thing to do in order to avoid studying for the dreaded Biology test.

So it's an iPod shuffle. I did an original test run with it, and found some of the songs far too embarassing to even post here (you know, that Panic! At the Disco stuff *bows head in total and complete shame*). I have since done a pretty significant fixing-up of my iPod, and I can now say that there are very few songs that I would be embarassed to post here. So here goes. I change the setting to shuffle. And start with the next song after this one (which happens to be "Look After You" by The Fray).

Kicking the Heart Out by Rogue Wave: Love this song. Took it from Katie's music library on her computer. Love this artist. Wanna know how I first heard of this great band? The O.C. (from The O.C. Mix 5 - their song, "Publish My Love," was featured on it), which unfortunately can no longer supply me with brand new artists. In fact, I guarantee at least six of these songs will have been featured on The O.C., although this one was not.

China by Chris Holmes: Ah, what did I tell you? An O.C. song. Love this song, although I can safely say that the times that is was featured on the show were not some of my favorites (Sadie Campbell, anyone? *rolls eyes wondering what the heck the writers were thinking there*). But good song nonetheless. Also, check out Into Dust by Ashtar Command. Holmes, who has actually produced some stuff for Joshua Radin, is actually a part of that band/ensemble, and it's a wonderful song, and a great cover of the Mazzy Star original (more O.C. songs, here).

The End's Not Near by Band of Horses: Two O.C. songs in a row. Man am I on a roll. Okay, so another great song, featured in the wonderful music-packed fourth season. It's also on The O.C. Mix 6: Covering Our Tracks, an album that I would encourage anyone to buy, as 10 of the 12 songs are worth buying and listening to. So this a cover of the song originally done by The New Year (also on The O.C., as that was the theme of Covering Our Tracks - covering songs that had been on the show before).

(It should also be noted that I get sad whenever I hear this song or something similar to the title of the song, as it's first lyric, "The end's not near, it's here" is the title of the series finale of The O.C. (see my only other post for more details on the awesomeness of that.)

Wonderwall by Ryan Adams: Two covers in a row. Three O.C. songs in a row. Perhaps I need to listen a wider variety of song. So the cover of the ever-popular Oasis song. Much more mellow. And as of right now I can't really say which version I like better. I tend to go back and forth with Oasis covers ("Champagne Supernova" by matt pond PA is an example of this). Maybe it's just nostalgia from the ending of The O.C. Will I ever be able to listen to a song that was featured on this show without getting either midly depressed or happy as I smile and think of something stupid Marissa did while drunk when the song played?

The West Coast by Jason Schwartzman: My feeling when I heard the beginning notes of this song? Joy. Ah, I love this song, and the newer, much better version that does not feature the voices of Taylor Townsend, Ryan Atwood, and Taylor's French ex-husband, Henri-Michel (that's right, it's yet another O.C. song) is, to say the least, refreshing.

So you may or may not know Jason Schwartzman's name. It's more likely that you recognize it from a movie or two (Rushmore or Marie Antoinette) . It's less likely that you recognize it from Phantom Planet, the band for which he used to be the drummer. (It may or not be less likely that you know that Phantom Planet is the band behind "California," the theme song for The O.C. (yay for more O.C. stuff!).

Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell On You) by Aqualung: Another O.C. song. Geez. I have a sad, or rather one-dimensional (you choose), taste in music, don't I? So this is actually a good song, and it's grown on me quite a bit since I first listened to it. Pretty slow and mellow, but nevertheless a good song.

From Here On In by South: Fortunately, this song was never featured on The O.C. But you didn't think it was just that easy, did you? Nope. South actually was featured a few times on the show, and that is how I found about them. This is such a good song. But they have so many more other great ones. A few I recommend: "Paint the Silence" and "Up Close and Personal."

(It should be noted that the shuffle got a little messed up after I stopped, not paused, "From Here On In," and then, of course, could not pick up on the previous order of songs. So the following songs followed "From Here On In.")

Emaline by Ben Folds (Live): Featured on some mix CDs that I've made for my mom, for a while this song made me sick. I'd listened to it too many times. (Other songs that have racked up triple-digit plays in my iTunes library (although Emaline has not. It's sitting at a cool... 7 plays) - "Speeding Cars" by Imogen Heap (177), "Earthquakes and Sharks" by Brandtson (167) "Good Day" by Tally Hall (155), "Honey and the Moon" by Joseph Arthur (101, and I'm glad to see it's broken into triple digits) - have not, however.) Ah, well, it's good right now. That Ben Folds Live album is great. And, I can make another O.C. connection here. I know, I'm relentless. But Seth actually had a Ben Folds Live poster in his bedroom. Sorry, I just had to say it.
(Yet again, I think I may have messed up the correct shuffle order, as I checked out my most-played songs in my library. So I guess the following songs will follow "Emaline.")

Pioneers by Bloc Party: Back to O.C. songs. I knew it couldn't last more than about two songs. But what a cool song this is. And a cover of it by Tunng was actually featured on The O.C.... in the same episode. I know, I know, The O.C. and covers are an unbeatable combination. But this is just a really cool song. Completely energizing. Very Bloc Party-ish (duh).

Bossy by Kelis: And I thought I had removed all embarassing songs from my iPod. But I have an excuse for this one. It was on The O.C. and is therefore a part of my master O.C. playlist, which is on my iPod. This, of however, does not explain my motive for actually pursuing the song and putting it on the master playlist.

I Won't Be Left by Tegan and Sara: Another song from Katie. I actually think this may be a Grey's Anatomy song. I know Tegan and Sara has been featured on the show, but whether the song has I am not exactly sure.

Inside Your Head by Eberg: Is it repetitive to again say that this is an O.C. song. Anyway, a good song. Kind of electronic-y, but I like it anyway. And a really cool time when it played on the show. I immediately wanted to know the artist of the song.

The Celibate Life by The Shins: I would make ties to The O.C. (trust me, there are definitely some), but why when the greatness of The Shins speaks for itself, regardless of whether they've been featured on a TV show (that's right, it is a TV show, despite my claims that it's more than that). This was on their debut album, Oh, Inverted World, which I definitely like more than Chutes Too Narrow and Wincing The Night Away, although each album is good in its own right (even though Wincing The Night Away didn't blow me away so much).

Rains In Asia by Jump, Little Children: Man, this is the first song on here that I have not been able to come with any actual television ties for. Wow. Bet you didn't think I had any songs like that on my iPod, right? But I was actually introduced to Jump, Little Children a few years ago, when Katie first heard them. As I think about it now, it was probably 3 or 4 years ago. But I actually found this song a few months ago, after barely listening to the band for a while, but I liked it and had never even heard of it before.

Weird Divide by The Shins: Crazy how you can have two Shins songs practically right after the other. But everything I said about "The Celibate Life" can apply here, so there's no need to repeat it here.

I Turn My Camera On by Rock Kills Kid: Wow, I love this song. This is one of the first songs on here that I really, really, really like. Of course, it's an O.C. cover, but it's so good. It's probably one of the best ones on Mix 6. It's a cover of the Spoon song, which is has a much more upbeat, fun sound. What's so great about this song is RKK's completely new spin on the original.

Mr. Brightside by The Killers: Man, how old is this song. Another O.C. song, but The Killers were about to kit it big before when they were featured on The O.C. Still a good song, as pretty much their entire first album.

Clarity by John Mayer: This song is actually from John Mayer's second album, Heavier Things, which I have never actually heard in its entirety. But I love his first album, Room For Squares, so much that I don't think I'd actually like any of his other albums more. Still, this song is so unbelievably catchy it's crazy.

Northern Sky by Nick Drake: This guy has a cool voice. Strange that the only way I recognized this song or another one of Drake's songs was through Serendipity, as many of his songs were on that soundtrack.

Rapid Hope Loss by Dashboard Confessional: I can already hear the laughs and see the rolled eyes. Katie, I know I'll get grief for this one, but I believe it was you who put this on the iTunes library in the first place (although I do take responsibility for having this on my iPod, but still).

(Even worse, I find myself singing along to this song. I'm hopeless, I know.)

Save Yourself by Sense Field: I purchased this song on iTunes probably about a year ago, and I still like it. But there's not much more to say there. I don't know too much about Sense Field, except that this a good song by them.

Ooh La La by The Faces: My mom was singing along to this song in the car Friday night. Hee.
Love Song For No One by John Mayer: Another John Mayer song, but this one is from Room For Squares. I think was on one of the mix CDs I made for my mom. I'm pretty sure it was the Love Songs one from Valentine's Day 2006 (good songs that had the word "love" in them - original, I know).

Twenty Four by Switchfoot: I totally love this song. When I got their album a few years ago for Christmas, I had no idea that they were a Christian band. But I still love this album, and this is probably my favorite on it.

Mr. Blue by Catherine Feeney: Ah, O.C. song. There hasn't been one in a while, it seems. Ah, well, I love this song. Really happy song:

"Mr. Blue
Don't hold your head so low that you can't see the sky...
Mr. Blue
It ain't so long since you were flying high...
Mr. Blue
I told you that I love you
Please believe me"

You're So Damn Hot by OK Go: Hee. Okay, this was also an O.C. song, so maybe they come in cycles on my iPod, who knows. But OK Go definitely has some much better songs, but this is just a fun one. To check out treadmill choreography (yes, there's such a thing), check out this video for Here It Goes Again.

And so that does it for my iPod shuffle. A quick little "By The Numbers" feature.

26 - number of total songs
12 - number of songs featured on The O.C.
3 - number of songs that are covers
2 - number of songs that came up that I'm embarassed about
31 - approximate number of hours it took me to start and finish this post

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Friday, March 9, 2007

keeping up.

(Gladiolus Harvest by Jonathan Green, thank you green)
busy week - in a good way, doing the right things - but now feeling like I'm behind. unacceptable for a Friday, so I'm going to let go of some of my internal to-do list and be happy keeping up. {yes, for me, this is a "habit" I'm still working on.... letting go and being ok with it does not come easy - but it feels good when I do it!}

I've discovered that my journal - a wonderful birthday gift from Katie last year - is a good incubator for this blog. A few excerpts from yesterday's entry about "daydreams" (another inspiration from my Scatter Joy jar):
*warmer weather - capris, t-shirts and flip flops
*Sunday - no plans - scrapbooking...need to get photos from last week developed so I have pics to use {done - just have to pick them up - I love love love ritzpix online!}
*Katie spring break week after next - taking off 2 days from work to play
*using my new alphabet stamps for journaling and scrapbooking
*nice dinner with Sara tonight (just the 2 of us - Marc has a meeting) {we did this - crab cakes, salmon cakes, garlic green beans and really yummy sweet the dining room with candles - thank you Harrys for making this possible!}
*switching the house from winter to spring/summer - new candles, potpourri and the cotton pillow covers
*cleaning out my closet ... maybe getting wooden hangers (only if I get rid of most of my clothes!)

Other ramblings:
*Friday is my favorite day of the week (same for Karen, we talked about it last weekend :-) and we agreed a good Friday color is bright magenta like THIS (Visual Chronicles inspiration explained here); Sara thinks Saturday is the best day and it's a color like THIS
*I bought my first issue of Blueprint - new mag from the Martha Stewart empire - and it hurt like crazy to support her ... I was a HUGE fan before she cheated and went to prison ... but maybe it's time to forgive and forget? anyway - love the layout - especially the title font - and the blog, but I think I'm about 10 years older than the target demographic and I wonder if that's true for other magazines I read (like In Style and Elle) but maybe I just don't realize it or maybe I just don't care!?
*Researching funky bags on etsy (see Katie's post from last Friday) - this one, or this one, or this one? ...or I would say who cares about funky, what's wrong with Vera Bradley (too beachy)?
*Loving Jonathan Green - bought 2 of his art postcards last weekend because I liked the colors so much - then read up about him and totally love the way he portrays the low country
*Got my hair done today - Carla had this beautiful birds nest sitting at her station - what a lovely reminder of spring just around the corner!