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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

just a peek.

...into our wonderful weekend - still have 70+ photos to get through, but these four sum up the best of dinners out (delicious food and great conversation!), the waterfront, and the red bud outside our cottage (with which I became slightly obsessed - maybe a dozen of those 70+ photos are of it!)
friday's dinner, at panini's

saturday's dinner at saltus river grill

sunday afternoon on the waterfront

my favorite red bud (love that moss!)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

early release day.'s become somewhat of a tradition that sara and I have lunch at bistro vg on days she has "early release". yesterday was the last one of this school year (which also means it's the last one for us. ever.)

and this time katie was able to join us. we sat outside and enjoyed the warmth of the spring sunshine. the food was delicious as it always is. but my favorite part was the conversation. katie sharing more about her new assignment (which she is still loving, even after a month!). the girls making plans for spring break week in nyc. prom. graduation. what to wear for sorority rush. finding a roommate. our graduation trip to nyc in late may (our last chance for a "free room" in the city). katie moving to LA in august. and sara starting college. and then it hit me very hard that in one short week in august, both girls will be moving. sara to a dorm at tech. and katie across the country. and lunches like we enjoyed yesterday will be few and far between. and that much more special.

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Monday, March 22, 2010


...definitely one of my favorite things about spring is strawberries. and when they're on sale (kid you not, $1 for a pint!) they're really hard to resist! sara whipped up some shortcakes - really just a slightly sweet biscuit - and sweetened some greek yogurt. and we enjoyed strawberry shortcake for dessert last night.


Friday, March 19, 2010

why I love my scale.

...about halfway into the last repeat of the "body" lace section, I noticed that the ball of yarn was really starting to shrink. and by the time I started the border lace section I was officially worried about running out of yarn. (I even spent a few minutes on ravelry yesterday morning looking for patterns I could knit with nearly a full ball of the ruca, if I did indeed have to bite the bullet and buy a 3rd skein...and I did find a great pattern!) so out came the scale. and I weighed the remaining yarn at the end of every row. the border lace is 19 rows plus the bind-off. after row 1, I had 61 grams left and row 2 used another 3 - I figured at that rate, I'd probably need another skein by row 14 or so. but somehow, a miracle occurred. and I had a very small ball (which sara said was actually pretty big and why was I so worried?) - 13 grams - left over.
so now it's blocking.
and I used this morning's breakfast knitting time to start saroyan.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

this is it.

...yup, this is really what life is like around here. when we're here. meaning not at the shop (or school). not walking in the park. not at tennis. not knitting with friends at starbucks. but here. at the kitchen table.
(click the photo to see the notes)

me knitting. sara reading food blogs. back up 12 hours or so and you would see a similar picture. except I'd be in my pjs (with coffee instead of wine). and sara would be eating oatmeal. I would still be knitting.

my monogamous knitting has officially been abandoned. I now have a "breakfast with sara" project.
this is my traveling along. pattern here. check out cast-on cottage's first KAL!

and one more project that fits into the starbucks and other table knitting times.
this is my peasy. (like this).

sara has a tennis tournament on friday. not really good for lace. or for table knitting. I think it's time to pick up socks again....

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Friday, March 12, 2010


...I've been following along with these lovely devotionals. and the one I read today (from yesterday) must be shared.
(I came across my petals from may 2009 last night. perfect to document this. and it's always fun to start the day with a little photoshop!)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

up's the word.

if up's the word;and a world grows greener
minute by second and most by more--
if death is the loser and life is the winner
(and beggars are rich but misers are poor)
--let's touch the sky:
                  with a to and a fro
(and a here there where)and away we go

it's brains without hearts have set saint against sinner;
put gain over gladness and joy under care--
let's do as an earth which can never do wrong does
(minute by second and most by more)
--let's touch the sky:
                  with a strange(and a true)
and a climbing fall into far near blue

-e.e. cummings poem 95

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

saturday fun.

...first creating cards. karen, lydia and I spent a few hours making HUGE mess. and a few cards. (not sharing any photos of the finished cards so those who receive them will be surprised!!)

and then celebrating jillian's high school graduation. the album from my mom was a huge hit!

Friday, March 5, 2010

more happy mail.

...arrived in my mailbox this week. a bucket bag handmade by my lovely friend honore. we "met" back in early january, when we both left comments on ali's blog about retiring this year. her last day was january 28. we've since exchanged emails, commented frequently on each other's blogs - and generally shared the enjoyment of seeing how our lives are changing.

early on in our corresepondence, we'd talked about favorite colors. she used fabrics in my favorite blacks and browns and orange(!!)

and the size - as honore intended, I know - is perfect to hold a knitting project.

thank you, honore - I absolutely love it!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

happy birthday vivaldi!

...I love the daily google images. they're clever, colorful and always make me smile when I log into my computer each morning. today, I also learned it's vivaldi's birthday. he was born on this date way back in 1678.

and with the wonder that it is the internet, I popped right over to youtube for a listen to one of his best. here's spring from the four seasons. enjoy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my commute. of the very good things about working at cast-on cottage is that it's only 4.3 miles from my house. I especially appreciated that yesterday, with our crazy "spring" weather.
as I sat at this intersection - it's the only "busy" one I pass - waiting for the light to change, I couldn't help but take a photo and contrast it with my old commute.

p.s. we're still doing the "ride" - sorry we got a bit behind!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

101 miles.'s been a little over a month since I retired. one of those things where it seems like forever, and like just yesterday all at once. so much about my new life has been different from what I imagined. and slowly but surely, I'm getting the hang of it.

my big surprise last week was how much walking I've done. I made it the park 24 out of the 28 days in february (I will not walk in the rain - at least not on purpose - and it's probably just as amazing that there were that many non-rainy days. looking back, it seems like it rained - or snowed! - a lot last month), racking up 101 miles. I started keeping a daily log of my walking/running back in 2008 when I set a goal to cover 600 miles. so I know that 101 surpasses my last record month (september 2008, which included that year's 2-day walk, at just over 80) by more than 20 miles. and my 2008/2009 monthly average was more like 66 or 67. so, wow, a big difference!

I've enjoyed a few walks with my neighbor vanessa, but otherwise, they've all been solo (sara won't join me again til the temperature gets above 50 degrees), accompanied by my ipod - now I really understand how I've managed to stay caught up with all my podcasts and even make good progress on the backlogs for the new ones I've discovered - and occasionally my camera.

yesterday was one of those camera days. I saw the first signs of spring - coming late this year. but - hopefully - soon!

...she types as the rain outside turns to snow....

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