Friday, July 2, 2010


...finished. and photographed (thanks to beth and her lovely deck!).

I really love everything about this sweater. it was fun to knit - even though I had to rip back several inches of the body two separate times when I boo-boo'd the front edging (and as a result, it sat in time out for a total of about seven days - and I was still able to knit it in just under three weeks). I learned new techniques - i-cord edging and seamless, set-in sleeves shaped with short rows. the yarn - it's soft and drapey and shows the stitches beautifully. the design details - finished edges, slipped stitch side seam, dart shaping, pattern stitches. and it fits. perfectly.

I've shared the project details on ravelry (the page is public, so even non-ravelers should be able to access it).

hoping it's a fun class to teach, too!


  1. It came out lovely.I think this may make my queue.

  2. It's such a great sweater and that color looks so lovely on you. I love those elegant darts, too!

  3. Its so gorgeous! And, I love that first photo of you - wonderful portrait! :o)

  4. Oh my gosh, it's amazing! That class is going to be great.

  5. gorgeous. you completed that in record time, despite the minor setback. photos are just perfect. wear it well.


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