Wednesday, July 7, 2010

deja vu all over again.

back at the kitchen table least that's what I was thinking when I took, then cropped and uploaded this photo. certainly the expression on sara's face reflects a sort of boredom with the same ol' same ol'. (at least I was smiling)

but it's really not all the same.
  • I finally figured out how to set my rebel to take these photos (all the previous ones were taken with my point & shoot).
  • sara "borrows" my laptop constantly. and posts on her blog more frequently than I post on mine (she pointed that out to me, and then I reminded her that I have multiple blogs).
  • I'm not knitting a sweater. nope, this time it's a shawl and now that I've added markers to keep up with the lace repeats, it's going much faster!
 ...except that it's still the two of us, together at the kitchen table doing whatever. and enjoying it. even if our expressions don't show it!


  1. and again your outfit matches your knitting!!!! it's great that you can delight in the "sameness" or quotidian-ness of life

  2. Aw, you make me miss my mother.

  3. That looks like way more progress on your shawl than the last time I saw it!

    I'd say that you look happy and Sara looks focused. :)

  4. Yes, that's what I said... I'm concentrating. I don't smile in these photos because then it looks posed.

    And soon I will have my own computer (hint...)

  5. for an unposed pic, this one's great fun. the shawl is going to be quite lovely and I agree with others - Sara looks quite engrossed.


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